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The Fundamentals of The Alexander Technique & The Melt Method

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YOUR TWENTIES BOOK UPDATES YOUR TWENTIES has been out in the world for over a MONTH now.

Have you got your copy? If not, you totally should because the YOUR TWENTIES Book Club has LAUNCHED and we kick off our first convo APR 4th. YOUR TWENTIES Book Club • An ongoing book club for twenty-somethings and beyond. Join whenever and share whatever is on your mind, heart, + soul. This club is a safe place to be true to the unique you that is truly you…

Here’s how it works:

* Each month we will read one section of the book.

* This month is SELF LOVE!

* You have until the first WED in APR to read all 3 chapters in the SELF LOVE section.

* On APR 4th there will be a digital chat in the Wellness Squad

* The following day, on THUR APR 5th, there will be a zoom video call where we will have 2 – 3 discussion questions and time to share openly in a safe space what came up for us during the SELF LOVE Chapters.

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