On today’s show we’re going to be diving into the next set of apps designed to help you TAKE ACTION. One of the ways I can continuously take action in all areas of my life is by keeping my brain organized.
When you are organized you free your mind up for new creative ideas, space to think and time to relax your mind rather than constantly having to think about what to do next. For soooo long I thought that being super organized and planning was boring and routines were lame but over time I’ve learned that when I plan ahead and have the right routines and processes in place it allows me to be MORE spontaneous and gives me the freedom to spend my time how I want to.
Tune in to today’s show to learn about the six key apps I use to stay organized with my goals, personal and professional projects, more!
Here are the apps I go over today, be sure to listen to the show to hear best practices for HOW I use these in my day to day life.
Counter +
Plan to Eat – http://bit.ly/jsplantoeat
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