Today we’re talking’ apps! I love apps, but not all apps are created equal and trust me, I know because I’ve been known to have 198 apps on my cell phone alone, WOWZA! In this next series on the pod where we’ll be diving in TAKING ACTION : what it means to take action from a heart-centered place, how to take action from a heart-centered place I think it’s important to touch on the tools that are going to help empower us to accomplish allll the goals we set in last month’s goal setting series.
Tune into this show for my top five apps that help support me in taking action. They all have one thing in common, WELLNESS. When you’re taking good care of YOU that is when you are high-vibin and doing your best work in the world. Let’s jump into it!

A P P S  M E N T I O N E D

Insight Timer
Brainwave App Series
Daily Drop Essential Oil App (short 1 min. videos on how to use essential oils in your day to day life)
Dminder Vitamin D Tracker (get outside)
Charity Miles (workout and donate to your favorite charity)
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