Continuing the fun train here we’re continuing to with some micro planning to help you conquer your BIG TIMER GOALS in 2018. Only this time it’s different, we’re leaving the stress at the door. Yep, the 2017 door!
If you’re new to the show, quick reminder about what this show is all about…this show is for heartcented hustlers. Hmm are you asking yourself, “What the heck is that?”
A heart centered hustler is someone who wants to go out there get it down but yet, not feel burnt out and let their own wellness slip because of it. This is the exact thing I’ve ben working on for the last 6 months and I finally had to be honest with myself and come to terms with what I was doing and the why I was doing it was not working.
I know what it feels like to be burnt out, tired, exhausted and not know when it’s going to stop….when it can stop…and I’m here to tell you it can. This show will help empower you to do so.
The first podcast of That Valley Vibe last week helped us look from a high level view at 3 key things for creating massage success in the five key areas of live I deem as MOST important for heart centered hustlers. These are found in my book, YOUR TWENTIES (out soon this month, you can learn more about it on my website The five areas are…..*drum roll please* – self love, healthy mind, relationships, body acceptance and career.
In episode two we dove into one of the high-level things covered in episode one and that was, sectioning your year into micro seasons. TRUTH TALK: It’s all good talking about things in super high-level but unless we create a gameplan around it, nothing’s going to change.
I want to preface, you do not have to listen to either of the first two shows to understand what we’re going over today, but I advise you to head back to the whatupsv podcast and tune in to episode one and two of THAT VALLEY VIBE for more clarity around the entire topic of goals for this month of the WhatUp Podcast Network.
Here were the three things we covered in episode one:
Tip 1 – Gameplan a winning morning + evening ritual
Tip 2 – Consolidate yo life
Tip 3 – Section your year into micro seasons (covered in episode two)
And today, we’re going to dive into Tip #2 – Consolidate yo life.  What this really comes down to is BECOMING ULTRA CLEAR with yourself and one of the steps to do that is to get to know yourself super well.
During the show, we’ll first go over about how to get clear. I’ll share some strategies on how to do that and give you a ton of tips and suggestions on things you can take action on, TODAY. Then we will go over 3 interactive ways to help you truly get to know yourself better. It all comes back to the three things we cover here on the show….
  2. GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF (from the inside out)
Finally to end today’s show I’ll share some upcoming events happening in the silicon valley, all are great options to help you advance in your life, put yourself out there, and start to invest in your own development. The more you do that, the more you will know yourself, understand your why and feel freaking awesome because when those two things are combined, THAT IS WHEN YOU OWN YOUR LIFE.
This is one of my core desired feelings driving me this year and if that speaks to you, I invite you to drive alongside me.
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You have to check out the sandwich shop Corey and I went to, it was SO GOOD. Give the vegan burger a try, it had just the right about of spice:
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Santa Clara LinkedIn Workshops
For more info contact Sunaina Gulati-Ruh, Assistant Director, Career Management MS Programs Leavey School of Business at
San José State University MISA Spring Career Fair Event
For more info contact Paul Fox, Corporate Affairs Officer, Management Information Systems Association at
Come join my sister, Kelsey and I and come march with us for this year’s women’s March taking place in downtown San Jose Jan 20th! Get the deets here:
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