The first podcast of That Valley Vibe last week helped us look from a high-level view of some of the key things for creating massage success across the board in all areas of your life this year. You’ll hear me talk about five key areas of life, these are found in my book, YOUR TWENTIES (out soon this month, you can learn more about it on my website These sections are self-love, healthy mind, relationships, body acceptance and career.
If you haven’t listened to the first episode, have no fear, you don’t need to in order to understand the show today or any of the next three for that matter.
The three tips we covered in last week’s episode were:
Tip 1 – Gameplan a winning morning + evening ritual
Tip 2 – Consolidate yo life
Tip 3 – Section your year into micro-seasons
Those three things are more macro goals, right? From a high-level view…but in order to successfully carry out any of those areas we have to build micro plans that help support what we’re trying to do at a greater level and that is exactly what you can expect in these next three shows.
Today we’re talking about the importance of dream dropping and this relates most to the tip mentioned in the previous podcast for “sectioning your year into micro-seasons” – I’m going to give you some solid guidelines today you can take action on RIGHT NOW.
As we go I’m also going to highlight two Silicon Valley companies that I think do a really great job at taking a focused and heart-centered approach in their biz. It’s businesses like this that I know have taken the steps needed to go within, discover who they truly are so they can express that and be really good (not at everything) but in their unique authentic talents.
Let’s dive in, shall we?! Don’t forget to grab your dream drop map over on Insta @coachjessness. See ya there!
Dream drop model is something I learned from Ange Peters during her Beautiful Life Blueprint. Ange is on my essential oil team and she ROCKS. She’s the founder of HOL:FIT, a Presidential Diamond leader in doTERRA and mom of 2 girls.
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