The theme for April is inspired by the RELATIONSHIP chapters of my book. All month long we will explore relationships from three viewpoints.

1  Boundaries

2  Freedom

3  Leadership

Tune via That Valley Vibe podcast + read the relationship chapters of my book. We will discuss each of these in depth in May’s book club meeting. But first, we’ll be finishing out the SELF LOVE chapters in this week’s FIRST EVA book club meeting. * back flip *

YOUR TWENTIES Book Club – UPDATES, our 1st ever meeting TONIGHT!

YESTERDAY – WED April 4th ● Join us in the Wellness Squad FB for a digital chat

TODAY, THURS April 5th ● Join us for a zoom video call tonight at 5:00 pm PT. Information on how to join the call will be posted in the Wellness Squad, sign up for the club here:

There will be no recording or posting of the book club meeting after the meetup. This ensures it’s a safe place for all.

You do not need to be in your twenties to join and NO you do not have to have read the book to participate. All the discussion questions are posted in the FB group.

Flip thru my essential oils guide –

Continue to convo over on instagram and connect with the listener community @coachjessness using the hashtag #THATVIBESV