Who knew the experts at NASA would an ingeniously simple way to clean the air we breathe at home? We’ll explain how plus, we’re picking up where we left off last week on tax reform. In today’s show, find out how property taxes… and possibly your rent, might be affected. Lastly- did hear about the new company offering San Jose teachers money for a down payment on a house?!
Show Notes:
Who knew NASA would have such a simple way to clean the air you breathe at home? Their “Clean Air” study identified a list of plants that most effectively remove chemicals that have been linked to a number of health issues. Find out which plants are able to clean a few or even all the chemicals they found in during their study.
Today, the tax reform topic is (briefly) about property taxes and the fact that property tax falls into called this bundle called SALT, which stands for state and local taxes. In the past, ALL property taxes paid to state and local governments could be claimed as an itemized deduction meaning, you could deduct every penny you paid. With the new law, you can only deduct up to $10,000.
This article from the Mercury News sheds light on a San Francisco-based startup that wants to give money to local teachers for a down payment on a home,
The company is called Landed and their target audience is the education community. According to the article, the company will split a teacher’s down payment — the teacher typically contributes a payment worth 10 percent of the home’s value, and Landed puts in another 10 percent.
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