Weed is now legal in Silicon Valley and it’s already a big business. Today we’re sitting with Matt Lucero of Buddy’s Cannabis, the states first legally licensed recreational marijuana dispensary.
Buddy’s storefront has everything from basic Pre rolled joints to Cannabis infused churros.
Listen in as Serg and I learn the ins and outs of the new law and a crash course on what it takes to be in the Cannabis business.

That was such a fun episode… and so educational too! Soooo… PitchTank is next week… February 21st at ebay’s HQ in San Jose. you know link but once again its whatupsv.com/tank – and if you have any ideas for a cannabis startup let’s talk

  • Doctor of Law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Matt is a former General Counsel for several Silicon Valley startups
  • Opened Buddy’s in Mountain View in 2010
  • Fun fact: Buddy’s received the first license to sell in the state (license #0000001)

Industry in general 

  • Why are some cities delaying legal sales?
  • What new industries/biz’s do you see popping up?
  • Trends?
  • Product lines: basics like flowers, pre-rolls, vape pens, etc to creams/lotions, edibles, drinks… what else?
    • What’s the most unusual product to get you high?
  • Different types of weeds
    • Indica: In Da Couch
    • Sativa
    • CBD
    • Hybrids
    • What else?


  • DUI – how do you measure it?
    • Equivalent to one beer, one shot, one glass of wine
    • Equivalent to a breathalyzer?

Impact on Business

  • How did you get the first licence?
  • What strategic planning did you do to prepare new law?
  • What kinds of differences in your biz?
  • Dealing with increased lines, wait times
  • Sales increase?