I spent 5 days in Vegas last week… crazy right?!
SO happy to be back and I’m fired up because it’s Monday and I can start implementing all the things I learned from the SWAG Show last week!

In this week’s podcast we’re diving into the importance of finding your tribe and how to get started!

Here’s a quote that you might like: “you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most”.

FIRED UP this week:

  • Look out for the WhatUp Show with Serg and myself on Wednesday when we’re doing PitchTank updates with Aquapaw and PhotobloomAR
  • Here’s the link to register for PitchTank: whatupsv.com/tank 2/21 @ ebay
  • SVYP Mixer this thursday at Mezcal Restaurant in downtown san jose – go to siliconvalleyyp.com to register

Showing gratitude: impossible to be negative when you practice gratitude

Fun fact: 90 min sleep cycles / hitting snooze