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It’s week 3 of Mojo Monday’s and I am FIRED UP!
What are you pumped up about?!

Whether you prefer to read a blog post like this or listen to the audio version (podcast), I have you covered! 🙂

In week 3 of Mojo Mondays we cover:

MY WHY: To Inspire and Motivate others to do the things they never believed they could do.

Quick Recap from Last week

Last week we covered one of my favorite quotes “if it’s not on my calendar, then it doesn’t exist”
Week 1: Journaling
Week 2: Calendaring
TODAY: Visualization
Week 4: Organizing
If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes already, go back and check it out because this all ties together to achieving your number one goal in 2018!

FIRED UP this week:

  • Brent Nally – Crypto / Blockchain expert (2k subscribers on YouTube and over 4 hours of content… what I call crypto for dummies).
  • Next week on the WhatUp show with Sam & Serg: PitchTank updates. SIGN UP for PitchTank 3.0

Topic of the day: Visualization
“Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t like to do”

  • Triathlon story
  • SVBJ Article story
  • Meditating daily

Shout Outs
Serg Gonzales (eBay) – Meditating, check out Headspace
Justin Lemus (PhotoBloomAR) – past PitchTank contestant, augmented reality app for pictures
Daniel Lentz (Aquapaw) – past PitchTank contestant, awesome tool to wash your dog
Davey 5 Star Nutritrion – triathlon buddy


Below is a preview image from my first goals poster in 2016. Here’s what you could do to make your goals poster:

  • Theme: if you’re like me you like themes. My theme for 2016 was “Million Dollar Baby” because I wanted to reach the million dollar sales club.
  • Stats: I’m a sports guy so I like seeing what I’ve achieved and calling it stats. Mentally, it reminds you that you can do it.
  • Power Statement: include your power statement so you can just read your power statement right from your goals poster.
  • Design: I found the actual image from a Salesforce.com resource, I put the content in a g doc and asked one of my VA’s to design it.
  • Use: I printed this out as a poster put it by my bed and even had it on my phone’s lock screen. Just decide how you are going to use this and where.

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Swag On,
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