Cori Lambert left the world of account management to pursue a more hands on career: event planning. From Long Beach, California, she worked her way up to the Bay Area to jump-start an exciting adventure with Stuart Event Rentals, gaining a behind the scenes pass to any Silicon Valley affair.

From LinkedIn to the PGA Golf Tour, Lambert has seen it all. With a remarkable list of clients and the never-ending hustle of the Bay Area, she is going anywhere and doing anything to make these events even more dazzling than the last. With her trusty team and a warehouse filled with endless equipment, they can take your company’s parking lot into an Instagrammable, buzzworthy event.

Lambert is an expert at what she does- from hiccups to bumps, she is prepared for any situation, and has a plan A through M. Her extensive network and organized team can take a party to the next level through their creative vision and dedication to details. Lambert’s team will scout a site multiple times to fit your location needs, and are adamant on getting the latest style and swag for your event. With her unstoppable team and endless knowledge of events, Cori Lambert is the woman for any occasion.

Time Stamps

01:20: Cori Lambert from Stuart Event Rentals (background)

04:15: Cori’s role in event planning and all about the logistics

05:40: Start with the space and visualize the location

08:25: Jess’ book Your Twenties

11:30: Aubrey’s own background in event planning

13:25: Handling the curveballs of events

14:48: How to stay on top of events and client needs

16:45: Delegating and project management (Trello, pipedrive)

20:00: Upcoming fun events around the Bay Area

23:10: Cori gives huge props to her right hand woman

24:53: Categorizing and creating systems for your team

27:13: All about the Stuart Events warehouse


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