Redefining the insurance landscape is with its CEO, Jennifer Fitzgerald. Through high-quality editorials and creative content marketing, the small start up has managed to make its stand along its big brand competitors.

Fitzgerald knows that life insurance isn’t exactly the most exciting product in the world, but through her run with some Fortune 500 Companies, it was what she knew best. Through her observations of what insurance companies weren’t doing, she decided to launch Policygenius, an online answer to buying insurance. Through relevant content and insightful editorials, Fitzgerald’s company was able to gather consumers to create the leading online insurance marketplace.

Despite their service, Fitzgerald labels her company as “tech first”- with its headquarters in Redwood City, she is one of the many who is targeting the tech audience which most aged companies are neglecting. With her knowledge about insurance and a trusty content developer, she set her path into creating a brand purely from content marketing. Now, Policygenius is marketing in several large metropolitan cities such as New York and Chicago as they launch their first outdoor campaign.

The company’s successful campaigns has been a gamechanger and the stuff of start-up dreams, and Fitzgerald is not shy to attribute to their editorials and content. Despite their current successes, Fitzgerald continues to push the company forward- they are currently working on mobile app content and expanding into home and auto insurance. With Fitzgerald leading her team, be prepared for Policygenius to be a household name in the near future.

Time Stamp

00:55: About Policygenius

02:00: Using tech to make insurance approachable

03:00: Attributing content marketing for Policygenius’ success

03:54: “We’ve used content marketing to organically earn that traffic and that brand awareness.”

04:07: Policygenius’ first outdoor campaign

05:25: From “blog” to “magazine”- producing high quality content

06:44: Relevant content to round up the ecosystem of life insurance

08:06: How to manage a successful editorial team

08:42: “Our content team in-house isn’t that huge, we have about half a dozen folks and a handful of freelancers who write for us. But they’re dedicated to it, really experience, and it took us a while to build that team to where it is.”

09:31: The difference between Silicon Valley and New York

09:42: “If you look at the advertisements [in Silicon Valley], and I was just seeing them today walking around, it is always geared toward a tech audience.”

11:55: Jennifer on Startup Grind Conference

13:09: “Nobody in the insurance base was producing quality content.”

13:47: Jennifer’s advice on building new content for first-time entrepreneurs

16:12: Advertising in podcasts

17:37: Tracking podcast advertising success

19:09: Finding the right podcast to advertise your brand

19:45: What inspires Jennifer?

21:33: What’s next for Policygenius?