Family man Kirby Hasseman undoubtedly has his hands full- between his wife and two daughters, a brewery, Hasseman Marketing & Communications, and an award-winning podcast, it’s a mystery how he’s able to do it all. With his roots in Coshocton, Ohio, Hasseman is delivering marketing joy in all the projects that he pursues.

Influenced by his parents, Hasseman pursued a career in marketing after being unable to stay away. From there, he has ventured deep into content creation, and credits a lot of his success to his supporting team. Hasseman shares much of his success to the people surrounding him, primarily from his family and support staff.  

Over the years, Hasseman has researched and sought the aspects of a successful promotion. He has been able to launch campaigns with stories that capture more than just your attention, but also your emotion. Even to this day, he is a student just as much as he is a participant in the promotional world, stating that he continues to keep track of all marketing concepts which spark an idea.

A “big picture” guy, Hasseman is always looking at the pieces of his puzzle and is continuously inspired by just about anything; the secret, he says, is just doing it. Hasseman isn’t one for letting ideas slip his mind, and he doesn’t let his thoughts to linger long enough to create hesitations. This mindset is what fueled Hasseman’s brewery, which started with a small home brewing kit in his kitchen.

Hasseman’s positive energy and drive is certainly the force behind his success. Adding his openness to new ideas, and commitment to consistency, Hasseman built a recipe for his own success. It is clear that his joy and pride continues to shine through his company’s work, and that we can expect more from the Ohio native.


Time Stamps

01:15: Kirby’s background

01:58: Fan of Happy, Kirby’s message to his daughters

03:25: Molding Kirby’s interest in marketing

03:59: “The idea for branding- it’s about positioning, and context, and what’s the story you want to tell?”

04:40: Incorporating story into promotional products

07:10: Understanding the things you don’t sell

07:50: Kirby, the Content King

08:28: The 10,000 ft view of a media company

09:29: “It’s about trying to consistently put out a message on a regular basis.”

09:58: Set the deadline

11:40: Keeping track of ideas and “Aha!” moments

14:15: Organization through Trello

15:52: The beginnings of a brewery

17:47: Kirby’s secret to time management

18:55: “What are the activities that I do that give this company the most value?”

20:35: Content & consistency goes a long way

22:50: “Sometimes you just have to work your ass off if you want to be successful.”