Born and raised in San Jose, Ron Filice was inspired by his own setbacks to become the CEO of his own company. Founding Filice Insurance after being rejected from Santa Clara University, Filice took his own losses and turned them into his biggest win yet.

In addition to their health insurance, Filice Insurance also offers an amazing company culture. Through swag campaigns and pride in his own beliefs, Filice finds any way to encourage and inform his employees that they are appreciated. By creating a tight-knit company culture, Filice is able to leave his mark on the marketing world by enhancing his own people.

With hope and belief close to his heart, Filice has launched multiple campaigns to nourish the uplifting environment at Filice Insurance. He had recently created “champion shirts”- inspiring t-shirts with a positive statement which prides someone in their work ethic. Through his own failures, Filice has found the beauty in his struggles. By taking his own story and spreading it through his company, he has undoubtedly become a self-made brand hero.

Time Stamp

01:20: Ron’s background and his roots in San Jose

02:10: “My father always said: you don’t judge a man, how he acts when the sun’s shining, you judge a man how he acts under adversity, when it’s raining.”

03:20: The history of Filice Insurance

04:45: Creating a successful brand through swag

05:30: “No matter what I make and who I am, if I don’t treat people right then I don’t feel good about myself.”

06:01: 9:29 Meetings on Monday

07:12: Champions through t-shirts

08:15: “If you have hope and you believe in something you can aspire to be anybody you want to be.”

09:30: Being mindful during your workday

10:56: Tips for young professionals starting in business