A platform which started from design contests among freelancers, 99Designs is now a global company working in 150 countries. CEO Patrick Llewellyn has expanded the start up from its beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, making 99Designs the largest marketplace for design. With clients such as DraftKings and Jagermeister, Llewllyn has created a multimillion dollar company and has left a stamp on the marketing world.  

99Designs takes the challenges of finding a graphic designer for your needs- whether you’re building a website or creating new packaging for your product, the website offers thousands of options. 99Designs gives their clients an expedient solution for their designing problems by taking their clients’ ideas and matching them up with the right designer to fit their artistic vision.

The site has created a software which partners up designers with clients to work on projects in real time. The most impressive feat of 99Designs is their ability to create a relationship between the artist and the company, to ensure that both sides are clear of the assignment on hand. 99Designs takes the headaches of going through multiple artists by offering you the ones which best fit your needs. By forming a design contest around your vision, customers are able to view several executions of the idea at once, without going through the back and forth process with one person.

It is no question why 99Designs has exploded across the globe with their convenient and quality service. 99Designs has taken the design community and created a network within clients, and artists themselves. 99Designs and its innovative CEO truly breaks the boundaries of design.

Time Stamps

2:15: 99Designs’ background

7:40: From Australia to Silicon Valley

13:55: “We believe that design has no borders”

15:40: The 99Designs Process: matching a designer to the user

18:58: Creating a workspace for the company and the designer

19:55: Giving companies access to thousands of specialized designers

20:45: Who is 99Designs’ competition?

22:45: Other than branding, what designs has 99Designs’ produced?

24:35: “For us it’s actually bringing our customers’ product to life”

26:40: “Basically anything that can be designed has been designed on our site”

27:15: 99Designs’ guarantee: we will give you the design you want, or your money back

27:50: 99Designs gives back to Oakland

29:55: Patrick’s hectic schedule, from Melbourne to the Bay

32:20: Advertising in podcasts

33:50: Patrick’s podcast playlist

35:50: 99Designs’ roadmap for the years to come

38:00: 99Designs wants to make your design needs convenient