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John Nemo is an Online Course Creator (“LinkedIn Riches” +  “Webinars that Work”), Bestselling Author and a LinkedIn trainer.

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WHAT I DO: I help Business Coaches, Consultants, Small Business Owners, Sales Executives and others leverage LinkedIn to generate more sales leads, add new clients, land more speaking engagements and increase their online platform.

HOW I DO IT: I provide online training programs, books, on-site workshops and other content aimed at helping you discover how to generate more business for yourself using LinkedIn.

WHO I WORK WITH: I’ve personally rewritten and optimized the LinkedIn profiles of A-List Entrepreneurs, Bestselling Authors, Business Coaches and Consultants including:

⭐ Chris Brogan
⭐ Bob Burg
⭐ John Lee Dumas
⭐ Mari Smith
⭐ Tom Ziglar
⭐ Dan Miller
⭐ Jairek Robbins
⭐ Ray Edwards