Do you know already that networking is important and that sometimes it’s who you know that is more important than what you know?  Listen in to Travis Chappell, founder, and host of Build Your Network talk about how he built a successful podcast show on how to network effectively and what it takes to build your network.

Travis wanted to get into the podcasting space and first thought about sales as a potential topic because sales was his background.  However, after researching iTunes, he discovered there was about 1000 or 2000 podcast already about this subject!

He knew the rules of podcasting, as he states:

  • “niche down”
  • “the riches are in the niches”
  • “niche till it hurts” and
  • “when you think you’ve niched enough, niche some more”

So he had to rethink.

All he knew was that he wanted to get to people who were influencers in the business world. He says, “It was a selfish thing for me as I wanted to build my own network”.  He wanted to improve his inner circle and then teach others how to do that.

Travis first got the idea for Build Your Network in November 2016. He wasn’t sure exactly how to start or the specifics of what he wanted so he attended coaching. This helped him get clearer on his goals and formulate a plan. He launched in August 2017, publishes 3 episodes a week and has produced a total of over 100 podcasts since then!

Travis says, “getting that first couple of people to say yes is key, then it becomes easier”.

Being successful in podcasting according to Travis is a combination of legitimacy and professionalism.  He also says that it was important for him to spend money on a podcasting coach as he believes this really helped him to stand out.

A tip from Travis, if you want to get a certain person on your show, is you must be smart about it.  Do your research, listen to interviews they have done on other shows, read their content and figure out where they hang out.

According to Travis, philosophically there is no difference between online or offline networking.  You must “be giving, look for ways to add value, be genuine, think long term” in both forms of networking.

Another tip from Travis is that paid networking events are often more valuable than free ones.  Sometimes you have to “pay to play” and masterminds are also a great way to network.

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