Britney is the VP of Sales to one of the largest supplier in the Swag industry, today we are going to learn how and why she and her team took Gold Bond to the next level.

Britney never have thought of selling pencil for a living yet she made an extraordinary promotional products which includes not only pencils and pens but products like mugs, bags and even fidget spinner which you ever wonder where it came from.

She started back as a purchaser in a retail chain for promo counter that leads her to the Gold Bond Company. What she thought as a part-time job, turns to be her passion. She quits her jobs as a purchaser and started full time in Gold Bond.

Britney’s skill in handling people which drives her passion and her creativity had contributed a lot to the success of Gold Bond. Truly a Brand Hero.

1:10 what is Gold Bond

1:44 How Gold Bond got its name?

2:38 how did you find yourself in the promotional products industry

5:05 a part time job became a passion

6:04 gaining from content marketing

7:15 our big focal point – social media engagement

9:55 we use Sam’s content planner!

11:04 how do you plan a meeting with 10 people… it’s hard

13:45 Give yourself a little exposure, do a video about your product

14:40 acting vs reacting

15:45 we do meeting and bring ideas to the table… it’s our sacred table

17:27 there’s so much market saturation out there that if you’re not one of the top provoking meters      then your just the “me too”! And nobody really like kicking it with a “me too”

18:13 what products are in line next year?

21:26 how do you create products like a back pack where they are only a few? Where do you really started

24:50 I like to look inspiration in a lot of different places, but what drive passions for me is our employees