At only two years old, “The Hustle” is famous for its distribution of a daily email. A collection of the current business and news – everything needed to start the day.   Grown in a short period of time to now having nearly 1 million young professional subscribers, the CEO and co-founder Sam Parr contributes some of its success to its tone. He says, “It’s a mixture of Bloomsbury meets The Daily Show”. The Hustle is like your educated friend.  The one who talks about important topics in a funny and sarcastic way, but has all the facts to back it up.

Shifting from blog posts in the early days to email was deliberate and the move has also contributed to The Hustles success. At the time, Facebook was really pulling back their reach to audiences and this made for an unsustainable business. Sam insists, switching to email and being laser focused on making it bad ass is another factor to its success.

Sam explains to be successful, you should be analytical.  Ask yourself, what’s the best that can happen and what’s the worst that can happen? It also helps to get in the right mind set.  Sam used to mediate previously, but now, he practices some mindfulness and he is a big fan of yoga.

Hustle Con actually came before The Hustle and is an event aimed at “non-techies”. It started due to almost selfish reasons, because Sam wanted to befriend the speakers and be around like minded people that would maybe inspire him.  From those early days, Hustle Con events are now very successful with approximately 2,500 attendees that come from all over the world.

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00:25  Introducing to The Hustle – your educated friend who is also funny and sarcastic.

02:12  Shifting from blog posts to email led to success even though email is not considered cool

05:04  How to grow your tribe using Reddit

08:22  Great content is a necessity

09:05  The Hustle “charge” philosophy

11:28  Hustle Con – the early days.  “I started it for mainly selfish reasons in the beginning”

18:27  To be successful you should be analytical and have the right mindset

18:46  Sam Parr on getting into the right mindset, mindfulness and yoga

30:05  Sign up to The Hustle or a Hustle Con event