Amy Wister is changing the retail terrain with her new tech development, the style dial. Through this tool, women shopping across the country will be able to take their silhouette and find the right fit in the millions of articles clothing found in stores. Through her background in Intel and headstrong attitude, Wister is a brand hero to endless retailers and brands.

Although Wister has now found her footing in the world of entrepreneurship, it wasn’t always an easy journey. With her responsibilities as a mother, and other important commitments, it was almost as if her goals as an entrepreneur had to be put on hold. But, with the help of her peers, Wister was able to get right on track and catalyze The Stylist Online, building it to be the online platform that it is today.

With the style dial as a recent accomplishment, Wister is optimistic about the future of technology and retail. As augmented reality is rising in popularity, she has no doubt that this technology will surely assist in the process of online shopping. Staying in the game has always been Amy’s focus, and now that she has her dream team and revolutionary technology, she is able to reshape the online retail landscape, one fit at a time.

Time Stamp

0:50: All about The Stylist Online

1:52: What is the style dial?

3:30: Revolutionizing the women’s apparel market

5:22: Amy’s journey to The Stylist Online

5:35: “The hardest part is actually just taking action, once you take action, you just got over the hardest part”

8:09: Amy’s background in Intel

10:00: Amy’s hardest entrepreneurial challenge

13:50: Finding support from her team that put her back on track

15:30: “I see now in hindsight, why I was able to stay”

19:10: The future for The Stylist Online and more technology

22:16: All things come in the right time

23:30: How Amy manages her time