Green Banana Social CEO and founder, Charity Gibson, has always had a passion for social media. Through her own relationship with social media as a young adult, she was able to take her interests and turn them into her success. Now, Gibson consults and advises companies on content creation and strategy regarding social media platforms.

Gibson believes in social media’s ability to bring people together. She knows that the connections these platforms create can produce emotions and relationships which foster brand awareness and loyalty. As an expert in social media, she seeks to pull customers towards organizations through the digital space, with the combination of swag and social media strategy.

Gibson could have never imagined that her love for social media would lead her to leave her distributor company behind and start a business helping other organizations build their social media presence. Now as the head of Green Banana Social, Gibson seeks to create meaningful interactions between clients and customers through diverse campaigns.

Time Stamp

0:30: Charity’s background in the swag industry

4:05: Selling umbrellas in Arizona

6:00: The origin of Green Banana

8:00: How Charity found her passion for social media

12:10: Turning a handshake into a hug

18:50: Businesses doing it right on social media

21:43: “You’re melding the tangible world with the digital space”

22:24: How to create a consistent social promotional campaign

28:15: Cracking the code for LinkedIn and Facebook groups

29:45 “We wanna make sure that whatever promotion we do for them, or whatever we’re building for them, that it does something awesome.”