Debuting the first OrigAudio product on Shark Tank, Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak launched the “Fold N’ Play”, a speaker which folds based on the Japanese art of origami. Now a multimillion dollar company, OrigAudio is expanding into multiple products while keeping its niche boutique name.

Starting out at Jansport, Lucash has his own love-hate relationship with the world of marketing. With an idea in mind and a pitch on a national television series, Lucash partnered with Robert Herjavec, putting OrigAudio on the map. On the premiere of the episode, OrigAudio’s website crashed seven times and sells out on Amazon- and the rest is history.

Now the company has expanded into backpacks, power packs, headphones, and other accessories. Although, OrigAudio’s journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing; some problems with retailing has sent OrigAudio back on their original platform and focusing on their promotional ideas. Lucash still has his hands in the project, saying that he enjoys the creative aspects of the system more than anything else.

Today, OrigAudio is also tied with B2B marketing, creating promotional products for multiple companies throughout the country. Lucash is optimistic about the future of the swag industry as the shift goes from quantity to quality. The promising field of promotional products are surely leaving the old bulk purchases behind, and with more memorable items like OrigAudio speakers in the swagbag, it’s clear that the industry is looking up.

Time Stamp

00:32: Jason’s first appearance on Shark Tank

02:00: The launch of OrigAudio

03:00: OrigAudio’s original products

05:01: Spoofing one of the most known products in music

08:00: The growth of OrigAudio

10:02: Transitioning out of retail and taking the Rock It out of Bed, Bath & Beyond

12:58: OrigAudio going into promo

14:47: Jason can’t stay away from the promotional industry

16:24: Creating custom designs for different clients

17:30: Getting inspiration from retail to create promo that sticks

19:28: The relaunch of

20:15: Creating a retail brand while being a promotional product company

22:00: Taking one piece minimums into success

23:00: Making awesome OrigAudio employees

24:45: The importance of company culture

26:00: A day in the life of Jason Lucash

27:15: What’s in store for OrigAudio?

30:48: There’s no meditating for Jason

34:00: Evolving from old school distributors into high quality products