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Here’s the highlights about our media platform/reach:
  • Social Media Examiner started in 2009 and has led the way in producing high-quality, how-to use social media for your business editorial
  • Our 7th annual conference Social Media Marketing World returns to San Diego, March 20-22, 2019
  • The Social Media Marketing Society helps marketers stay on the leading edge of social media – it opens again for membership in Spring 2018
  • The Social Media Marketing Podcast Mike Stelzner hosts a weekly podcast filled with social media how-to, it gets 300,000+ downloads monthly
  • The Social Media Marketing Talk Show is a weekly live news show simulcast on Crowdcast, Facebook Live and Periscope – also available in audio podcast format on iTunes
  • The 9th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report is currently available for download – this informs our editorial and helps us know what marketers want to learn more about
  • The 10th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report will publish in Mid-May (see below)
In his keynote at Social Media Marketing World, Michael Stelzner talked about the results of the 10th annual 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, a survey of more than 5700+ marketers.
To give you a peek into the insights, here are the top 5 takeaways:
1. Facebook Leads. For 2 out of 3 Marketers, Facebook is their most important channel and 62% plan on increasing their organic activities.
2. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Marketers are using Facebook for Exposure (89%), Traffic (81%) and Organic Reach (66%).
3. Video continues to rise. The three main types of video are: On the Go (Instagram), Lean Forward (Live) and Lean Back (Long-Form). And while 77% of Marketers plan on increasing their use of video, only 35% are going Live.
Tip: go all in on longer form shows and leverage other platforms for distribution.
4. Working with Influencers = Advantage. About 39% of marketers are working with Influencers, while 61% are not.
5. The Chatbots are coming! As of 9/17, Facebook Messenger had an installed base of 1.3 Billion. Currently, only 15% of Marketers are using FB Messenger. In the next 12 months, 50% plan on using bots and 70% want to learn more.
BONUS: Diversify your marketing and lead with an omni-channel approach.
~ LinkedIn is a great place for video stories
~ Twitter may embrace Publishers as Facebook does not
~ Snap and Instagram and WhatsApp all feature Stories
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