Starting off with a pair of crew socks with the Seattle city skyline, Jake Director created a brand with his best friend to create a line of premium quality socks. Now with multiple licenses like the NFL and the MLB, Director is changing the sock game, one pair at a time.

Strideline’s success was initially catalyzed by Marshawn Lynch. Through connections with the football star’s masseuse, Lynch ended up wearing the socks after a massage and straight into the game. From then on, Strideline was a hit- now they’re creating multiple lines of socks, from baby socks to business wear, there’s a Strideline sock for any event.

With competitors like Stance, Strideline is focused on the athletic side of the field. With influencers such as Odell Beckham Jr., and now multiple licenses with several athletic leagues, Director’s high school idea has turned into a growing business. One of the most impressive aspects about Strideline is their grassroots presence and growing marketing- with the brand being launched while Director was in college, he didn’t have the money to coerce promoters to wear the brand. Instead, he relied on the quality of the product and tenacious word of mouth advertising through networks, and it paid off.

Now, Strideline is building relationships with multiple influencers, brands and leagues. The company also takes pride in its ability to collaborate and customize designs for any customer, and assures quality in every order. As the company continues to grow, Director is working to expand retail connections, and in the near future, even acquiring the NBA license.

Time Stamp

01:40: Strideline’s growth in the sports influencer field

03:19: The start of Strideline

07:00: How Marshawn Lynch launched Strideline

09:20: Strideline’s olive jar

11:50: Influencers shine the light on Strideline

11:52 “We’ve had a lot of programs over the years, just building relationships with these influencers”

13:30: Strideline gets into the promotional product industry

16:20: Why socks are taking off in the swag world

16:55: “It’s something that people can attach their name to that speaks to quality every time the end user puts the sock on”

19:00: Designing custom made socks

24:45: Getting more consumers into Strideline