Co-founder of commonsku, Mark Graham, is a veteran in promotional marketing. Through their software, not only has Graham helped entrepreneurs with their business, but created a platform for marketing professionals to interact and share lessons and values through networking events.

Graham is one of the leaders behind skucamp and skucon, two commonsku sponsored gatherings for businesses far and wide which touch on topics a variety of topics- from TED Talk like presentations to Keynote events, attendees are bound to take away a new perspective from a plethora of guest speakers.

Through his work, Graham became no stranger to event planning. His own experiences with commonsku events has given him insight to the details and aspect of any gathering-international and local. He credits much of his success through his amazing team, which works to make any affair more seamless and interactive than the last.

Graham admits that these events are no walk in the park- it is a process which only gets smoother through feedback and revision. He and his team continuously labor through the process, taking notes down the way for any improvements or hiccups. After the event, Graham not only visits his team’s feedback, but also the attendees. His team gathers the opinions of guests and puts them into action as they plan the next event lined up.

Overall, Graham reveals tips and tricks into making events successful. From money-saving initiatives, to organization tools, he gives a valuable insight into the recipe which creates memorable commonsku events.  

Time Stamp

01:50: Mark’s background

02:08: “One of the things we felt was really important when we were building the commonsku product was to create a brand with a great personality. ”

03:30: All about skucon & skucamps

05:30: The evolution of skucon

07:47: An ongoing wishlist for commonsku events

09:15: The financial schematics of event planning

11:55: Building an event that reflects your company

13:00 Ways to save money when planning an event

17:32: Roles and responsibilities for your event team

22:35: Tools to organize your event

26:00: Roadblocks for events and last minute issues

30:19: Reflecting back on the event and room for revisions

33:00: The process behind great swag

36:45: Get ready for skucamp 2018