Happy New Year!

With the New Year comes resolutions… and if you’re anything like me, well then you have lot’s of them. In the spirit of being transparent – a brief summary of my goals are at the bottom of this post.

I like to challenge myself and with that comes stress (good and bad stress). Stress isn’t always a bad thing. One of my personal goals relates to sticking to my cardio schedule and not letting work get in the way of fitness this year. For me, the harder I work, the more stressed I get and the more I NEED to workout… SO I’m making it a priority to not let my business goals outweigh my fitness goals. A quick story on why fitness is so important to me…
In 2015 I set out to do my first Olympic distance triathlon and as you can imagine working out to up a large portion of my time. There were weekdays where I would be a full 2 hours away from work just to swim. This was actually my breakthrough year in business as well. Looking back I can clearly see that working out did help me be more productive in my business. That is because I felt good (mind, body, spirit) and I knew I had to make the most of every second I had when working.

For the rest of the month of January I’ll be focusing on Goal-Setting… everything from these blog posts to my podcasts will all relate back to goal-setting. Think of me as your accountability partner (which by the way I’ll have some tips on that in a few weeks). NOW, let’s get started with week numero uno.

Week 1: The Holidays are over. No more excuses for anything. It’s go time. In the spirit of overcoming stress, this week we’re examining the art of Journaling.

Meditating has been a trending form of relieving stress for quite some time now. I don’t meditate myself; although I’ve tried to (even through apps like Headspace) – it’s just not for me at this point in my life. What I do like tho is journaling. Getting my thoughts out from keypad to screen is my way to reflect back, slow down, and “smell the roses” as they say.

Journaling has a different meaning to everyone that thinks of this term. For me, it’s not about writing in a diary about my day. It’s these blog posts I do. I really do enjoy them, although often times I just have trouble finding the time to write them out completely.

I’ve noticed a trend over the last year or so that people are carrying a form of a journal/notebook more than a traditional padfolio. Why is this? Is this everywhere? Or is this part of the Silicon Valley jeans / laid back culture? Whatever the reason may be notebooks and journals are extremely popular.

Now to bring this full circle, I have a little secret for you my faithful reader…
We have been building out the perfect journal for you and we’ll have these ready to distribute in the next few weeks. Just fill out this quick form to get your journal reserved and I’ll personally mail it out to you when they come in.

SWAG Tip of the week: You guessed it… Notebooks and Journals! Check out this link to get some ideas of the types of journals and notebooks that we can brand with your logo on it. Shockingly, at least to me, journals and notebooks are so so so appreciated by the recipients. We’ve done notebooks for years now and I’ll have friends and clients asking me for more after they finish them. You know you expect that the soft cotton/poly workout racerback tanks are going to be a hit but when the journals are sought after just as much – yea that was a pleasant surprise 🙂

You made it to the end, here are my goals below. Note that this is just the overview list that I can easily glance at every morning when I wake-up. I also have each listed out as a complete S.M.A.R.T. goal with affirmation statements – for more on that just send me a note (happy to share).

Goal #1: HERO STORIES (Client Spotlights) & Portfolio Pictures launching 3/2
Goal #2: Mojo Mondays Pod n Blog
Goal #3: Launch Brand Hero podcast on 1/30
Goal #4: Launch NEW WEBSITE by 4/2
Goal #5: $100k / mo by 4/1
Goal #6: Publish 1st Book by 1/1/19 (Monthly Checkpoints)