Earlier this year I was asked to write a monthly blog post for the promotional products (SWAG) leader in digital marketing services (PromoCorner). I just wrote a post about how to get started working with Virtual Assistants (VA’s) and it got me thinking…

Why don’t I share these posts on my social network or with my own blog?
A lot of what I write about is similar to what I write here on WhatUp Silicon Valley’s page. I try to cater most the content for PromoCorner specifically to the promotional products industry. However, in this specific blog post the content provided would apply to just about anyone and any industry. So, here’s the post again… check it out and I hope this inspires you to try working with Virtual Assistants.

Also, there’s a parallel between what sites like PromoCorner are doing and what WhatUp Silicon Valley is moving towards becoming… It has not been officially announced quite yet but for you, my faithful reader I’ll share this… In January of 2018, WhatUp Silicon Valley will become more of a network rather than just a Podcast. We will have 5 different podcast hosts all hosting their own shows Monday – Friday. Sergio and I will continue to own Wednesdays and have our show with movers and shakers n up and comers. We will be doing more events and we’re working behind-the-scenes to release our YouTube mini series we’ve been hyping since January. Stay tuned for more. Our goal from the beginning has always been to inspire motivation and inspiration for the next generation of young professionals. With this new format and larger team we are so excited to expand on what we’ve been working on over the last 11 months.


– SwagSam