SwagSam here… I’ve been working on this new “Success with Swag(ger)” blog series that is all about how to have success when using promotional products. Taking a quick, as I call it, “inspirational interlude”… Would love your feedback. Take a look at the below concept for re-branding my Swag company, ValueBP Marketing Group… what do you think of the new direction and positioning behind SwagWorx?

Brand: SwagWorx

Possible Taglines: w/ SwagSam, Swag that works … only quality.

Positioning: We don’t mess around. We call promotional products “Swag” because swag is all things cool. What’s a promotional product anyway? That doesn’t excite anyone. Neither does advertising specialty, branded merch, promotional premium or even chotskie (however you spell that terrible word)…

Listen, we understand that our little 20 billion dollar industry has an identity crisis. But, one thing’s for sure… we don’t have an identity crisis!

We know exactly who we are AND we’re going to show you Swag that represents your brand!

Would you put your logo on just another cheap trinket only to get thrown in the trash?

We didn’t think so! We will never let that happen because we use Swag that works and Swag that motivates action!

Positioning Statement
SwagWorx is a storytelling agency. It’s our job to guide you through your Swag  journey and ensure we provide quality products that are authentic and relevant to your story so that we can achieve your number one goal. Whether you need Swag, or any other branding & marketing service we have you covered!

Through our partnerships in the marketing agency, we can refer you to our partners in video, graphic design, and just about anything you would need from positioning to complex marketing automation strategies. We love a good challenge, try us…

Brand Promise
We have not and will not offer a fad “me-too item” to you like a fidget spinner or a selfie stick. Who wants to be just another fish? It’s our goal that not only will recipients of your Swag say “Thank You”, but they will also keep that piece of branding goodness and use it.

We will never suggest items that are cheap and will not reflect your brand; we all know those just end up in the trash. We stand behind quality items that reflect your brand identity!

Value Proposition Statement
SwagWorx only offers quality Swag that is safety compliant, unique, tasteful, and will make your brand look like a BIG FISH no matter what size the pond is!

Our approach to Swag is simple; we partner with factories that we trust, we listen to our clients, and we deliver on our promises.

When you work with SwagWorx, you can focus on all your other tasks, because you will never have to worry when SwagWorx is handling your Swag projects.

Solution Messaging
SwagWorx isn’t about that “slapping a logo” on just any product.

Your brand has PMS colors for a reason, you have a brand guidelines to follow, your website and all your social media are telling the same story… why would your Swag be any different?

Wherever your logo goes, it reflects your brand. It’s our job at SwagWorx to make sure that every item we show you reflects your brand.

Don’t worry about sifting through catalogs, we’re here to the do the work. Put us to work and give us a challenge on how we can tell your brand’s story.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours?

So, what do you think?
Like it, love it or hate it… I wanna know. Leave me a comment here or email me at Sam@valuebp.com

Btw, I have a bunch of new Swag in that works… want some socks, maybe a shirt, or some shades?

Hit me up.