I often say that the SWAG Show that kicks of the new year is like a box of chocolates… well, I mean Forrest Gump said it best… “you never know what you’re gonna get”.

Seriously tho, this SWAG Show has over 20,000 people in attendance with over 1,000 different factories on the show floor. THAT’S NUTS!

With so many factories in attendance, it can feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack when it comes to something unique and different.
A few years ago the big trend was selfie sticks, this past summer we saw fidget spinners be trending like wildfire (and thankfully that fad is nearly over), and this year there was a common theme of wireless chargers as well as tech roll up cases. That’s all good… you know between new items like those and the abundance of different clothing garments – there was plenty of new products that I’m excited to share with my clients. BUT, let’s be real this isn’t anything to different.

When I came across Tokens & Icons I knew I had to stop and learn more about these products. In a nutshell, Tokens & Icons thrives in repurposing sports memorabilia into collectible high-end gifts. Let’s examine further…

Last year the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl (I think we all know that and remember that legendary come-back game). Often times during regular season NFL games, players will swap their jerseys with an opponent’s game worn jersey. They sign it, get it framed and add it to their collection. That’s great – this is super common we all know about used jerseys in frames going up on a wall to collect dust. Well, here’s a new concept…

Check out the image of the wallet below. Do you see the red, white, and blue on the inside of the wallet? Here’s where Tokens & Icons comes into play… We can take a game used jersey and make a collectable gift that’s functional and will remind you of some amazing memories. The inside of this particular wallet actually has the jersey from Super Bowl 51 sewn right into it.

Now, I’m no Pats fan… I’m a 49er Faithful so this doesn’t get me to pumped. BUT, if this were the 9ers or if you’re a Pats fan or in that front office – think about how much you would LOVE this gift! Let’s check out another example…

This watch below is no ordinary watch. The face of the watch you see… yea, that’s not just slapping a baseball design onto a face of the watch. Nope. That’s actually a game-used baseball cut/sewn to perfectly fit and be functional as the face of your next watch. Honestly, whether it’s commemorating a perfect game, a playoff game, or even a World Series win… does it matter? How cool is it to take an MLB used baseball and offer a gift like this to say season ticket holders or even back to your employees as a token of your appreciation for your teams hard work throughout the year?!

Honestly tho, it’s not just sports. We can take just about any piece of your company’s history and turn it into a collectible gift.

For example, did you know eBay’s first item ever sold on the platform was a laser pointer? eBay actually has this on display at their company’s HQ. I doubt they’d want to take the laser pointer and turn it into a gift. But the point is it doesn’t have to be just sports teams that get all the glory.

What artifacts does your company hold onto that we can turn into a collectible high-end gift?
For more ideas on how we can get a project like this started for your company, hit me up at sam@valuebp.com OR if you’re just looking for some t-shirts for your team, or trade show SWAG… hey, we do that everyday! 🙂

Swag On,