2018 SWAG Guide (Part 2: How OrigAudio is changing the SWAG industry)

I met the guys at OrigAudio back in 2011 in sunny San Diego at one of the regional SWAG Shows. This is before I was SwagSam – back then I was Sam the Sandal Man. I guess I’ve always had a bit of an identity crisis???

My first business, Chico Feet, was all about taking a common expression and attaching a physical product to it to build brand awareness. See in the town of Chico, CA – the expression Chico Feet just means the bottom of your foot is dirty from not wearing shoes. We had mens and ladies Chico Feet sandals that left an impression in the sand of the words “Chico Feet”. Although my main focus was helping businesses with their marketing through promo items for their biz. The sandals were just to build my own brand. But this isn’t about me or sandals… this is about OrigAudio.
I remember Jason and Mike the owners were pumped off the biz concept and the sandals in general. A friendship was born. Fast forward from 2011 to 2015’ish and OrigAudio had become a household name in the promotional products industry. But, I’m telling you…. OrigAudio is changing everything in the best way ever AND here’s how…

OrigAudio got their start with their foldable bluetooth speakers that were packaged like a Chinese take-out box. This item and their rockit item that turned just about anything into a speaker were their main 2 items when they pitched on ABC’s hit show SharkTank. Over the years OrigAudio has built out their product line to have an amazing selection of power banks, BT speakers, headphones and ear buds. AND they have a great sense of humor too – check out their headphones “Beets”. One of the most attractive parts of their product line (other than the great quality) is the tastefully designed packaging (along with full color printing, no set-ups and as low as you can go minimums). In 2017, OrigAudio introduced backpacks to their line and the industry and (general public) took it by storm! Their backpacks are killer! This one specifically is my favorite – everything about how it opens with the large space to stuff all your belongings for all your travels to the dual bottle holders that can hold your largest water bottle! The heathered type look grey material and even the hot/cold sleeve to keep your breakfast burrito warm or a few beers cold … this backpack is the real deal!

Well, like I mentioned in last week’s blog – OrigAudio is taking the next step in advancing the SWAG industry forward with their new line. It’s no surprise we’re seeing 5 new backpacks added to the line, but specifically the Presidio collection, hats and new tech items will not be overshadowed! Let’s break it down…

Presidio Collection

The Presidio Collection was inspired by days of the past.  A nod to vintage design that embodies simplicity, practicality, and minimalism. Design that transcends generational lines and offers each product in a timeless rustic denim or industrial black finish.Marrying modern-day functionality and features, the Presidio Collection was meant for the everyday traveler, the adventure seeker, the explorer of less traveled paths, and those who simply need an escape from the daily grind.

Click here to check out the product line which includes everything from their executive passport holder to hats and even dopp kits.

If there’s one thing I noticed from this year’s SWAG Show it’s that wireless chargers are going to be a big trend for 2018 and beyond. OrigAudio released 3 wireless chargers, you can check them out here (about half way down the page) and remember if your team doesn’t all have the capability to charge their phone “wirelessly” you can buy these at a low minimum and get the TenFours for the rest of the pack.

Flying Selfie Drone:
Remember the selfie stick, what happened those?! I think we all knew those were a fad and would come and go… I’ll tell you what won’t come and go … this selfie flying drone! Click the link here and watch the video to see it in action!

App Enabled Smart Button:
If I’m being completely honest, this product is over my head… I may live in Silicon Valley but I don’t even care to learn how to work my Amazon DOT. However, this app-enabled smart button called the Onyt is such a powerful product – it can even keep you safe! No sense in me explaining, watch the man himself – Jason Lucash explaining how it works here.

Lockbox Journal:
This is not your grandfather’s journal! Important passwords, missile launch codes, the secret to life? Keep that top secret information safe and secure with the LockBook. This durable and hard cover journal case can be programmed to only open with a scan of your fingertip. Complete with multiple pockets to store other documents, a pen holder, and an included journal, the LockBook is sure to set the new standard for tech-enabled stationery.

New Backpacks
I am so pumped on these backpacks! Check out just how custom you can go with this one and this one. Whether it’s the straps or the flap… we have you covered … no slappin’ a logo on here!
Need design help? Our creative team can help mock-up some cool ways to feature your brand!

So that’s it… you as pumped as me?! Hit me up to learn more about any of these products or even for a sample!

Swag on my friend,