2018 SWAG Guide (Part 1: Public Speaking)

I hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

Every year, the largest SWAG Show of the year takes place right after CES in Mandalay Bay. I’ll tell you – 6 days in Vegas is too long!
However, I’m more fired up for the new year than ever before!
In this weekly series expect to learn about new products and tips on how to take your marketing to the next level!

Let’s start with a recap from the 2018 SWAG Show…

  1. Speaking at one of the Industry’s largest events
  2. How OrigAudio is changing the SWAG industry
  3. Repurposing sports memorabilia into collectable high end gifts
  4. Fashion forward 100% custom clothing


I’ve always kind of wanted to get into public speaking but I never really took the leap or rather set out to make it a goal to accomplish. Well, I’ll tell you after speaking at skucon it is now a goal of mine to get into public speaking.

So, what is skucon?

skucon is the promotional products industry’s once a year event for the dreamers and innovators taking our industry to the next level. It is an all day event with inspirational keynotes, high level networking and break out sessions. It’s also the user conference organized by commonsku.com (a super rad cloud based promotional products software platform).

I spoke at their Entrepreneur Jam. In this session 3 entrepreneurs each get 15 minutes on stage to pitch a business challenge to 3 panelists on stage while an audience of 300+ watches.

My challenge was my “Identity Crisis”. As you know, my loyal reader, my time has been divided between my passion for WhatUp Silicon Valley as well as my business ValueBP Marketing Group. While my business never suffers because I spend most of my time for WhatUpSV outside of traditional business hours; I still need to clear up my professional identity. NOW MORE THAN EVER… ValueBP Marketing Group is in the process of re-branding to Brand Hero. In addition to that I’m building out my online persona “SwagSam” as the SWAG guy in Silicon Valley.

Anyway, after speaking on stage for the next 5 days in Vegas so many people came up to me saying how I inspired them to take action. Well, guess what… my WHY that I just wrote down a few weeks ago is “To inspire and motivate others to do the things they never thought they can do”. I’ve also been hearing from listeners of Mojo Mondays that they too have taken action as it relates to goal-setting.

So, what will I be speaking on?

Well, a variety of things. SWAG of course as that is my business but my real passion is to help others and SWAG helps businesses achieve their goals so that is just apart of it. In addition I’ll be mapping out some of my expertise such as Goal-Setting and working with Virtual Assistants.
SO, keep an eye out because this is something that I’m beyond passionate about and can’t wait to share it with you!

Next week we’ll dive deep into OrigAudio’s swagtastic new product line and how they are changing the industry in the best way ever.

Swag On my friends,