A good friend of mine recently asked me to write a guest blog post for her business all about SWAG. What an honor! She considers me a thought leader and possibly for good reason… well, I’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

So, let’s talk SWAG. This is my definitive SWAG Starter guide. Love it or Loathe it, I wanna know! Drop me a note in the comments section.

SWAG Starter Kit

This is written just as much for the solopreneur as it is for the fortune 500 companies. All of these categories below can apply to your business. The only difference for you is the quality of the item you end up choosing as well as the quantity (read: budget).

  • T-Shirts as giveaways: Everyone loves a FREE shirt! I personally recommend a cotton/poly t-shirt. They are not too expensive and these are one of the most trending fits right now. When deciding to go the t-shirt route, be mindful of the amount of colors and locations you will use. The more colors/locations printed, the more expensive they will be. Often times you will receive a cotton/poly shirt with a large 1 color / 1 location on the front. That’s the cost-effective route and people love them. You’re probably already thinking of the one you pick out from your drawer and know exactly where it is. Don’t pinch pennies to save dollars, because if you do a Hanes Beefy T most likely your demographic won’t wear it as often as the cotton / poly (and really it’s not much difference in price).
  • Corporate Clothing: Often times in sports we say “you gotta look good to play good”… look the part. Getting your team a few polo’s and some branded jackets is an investment in the long term. A good SWAG consultant will help you choose corporate clothing based on your company culture.
  • Value Pick: I’m not a fan of stress balls, pens and I won’t sell you a fidget spinner. I have this concept of a “me too” item. We don’t have the time to get into that here but just know there are both good and bad “me too” items. A fidget spinner is an example of a bad “me too” item IMHO. Having said all this, every company may want to consider having that low cost SWAG item that you can give to anyone and not think about the ROI of the product. It’s just brand exposure. Some of my faves are sticky wallets, computer decals, and bottle openers.
  • Clients & Prospects: We’re in the thick of the holiday season and as your break room may indicate – gifts are plentiful during the holidays. It’s not just during the holidays tho that we gift, we gift throughout the year. Have you been working on getting “in” with that one special prospect that will change the game for your business? Have you thought about a nice branded gift with your company logo on it to remind them of you? Some ideas could be a bean bag for your cell phone so that your brand is with them at their workstation or maybe an on-the-go charger might be your preference. Either way, you can bundle your order here and use your prospect gifts for client gifts as well. If you prefer not to bundle because you have the budget to do both then some good ideas for clients could be a sherpa blanket, BT speaker, even a barware or cutting board set would be nice as well.

To see images and pricing for any of the suggested items, just ask! OR let me know when you’re free for a “Brand-Storming” session and we can spend 10 minutes on the phone to hand select items based on your needs.