It’s important to look the part; and oftentimes our branding – especially when it comes to printed goods like Swag is just an afterthought.

Think of it this way tho…

How much time did you spend creating your logo? What about the dollar spend?

How many people did you ask for feedback on the name of your podcast alone?!

What about your listeners… are you getting the # of downloads you had hoped?

All of your marketing efforts are for one reason… to grow your brand!

Your guests are going to be some of your most influential partners. When you have them on your podcast there is a special bond that forms. Honestly, I know more about some of my podcast guests than I do some of my good friends. Why? Well, because depending on the topic of your podcast you could get pretty deep. That’s not the point here tho.

The point is to leverage your relationships to help grow your podcast (or personal) brand. Your guests will naturally want to share the podcast with their network once it goes live. Make it easy on them tho! Give them links, captions etc when it goes live. In addition to that, give them some Swag!

So, there’s two parts here in this podcast starter kit post. The first is for you to look professional and the second is Swag for your guests. Let’s talk about you first then we’ll dive into your giveaways for guests and friends of the pod.

Part 1: Look the Part

Backpack, Charger, Headphones for yourself and Mic Flags…


You’re going to have a lot of podcast equipment and even if you don’t you’re likely going to bring some sort of bag with you when out recording, why not have it branded?

My pick? Our Mission Pack by Origaudio (pictured below).

branded bags

You might not know this, but for my day job I sell Swag to cool companies like Facebook, Salesforce and eBay to name a few. Just because you’re a podcasting friend, I’m happy to hook up a backpack with your logo on it for just $60!

That’s it… no minimums and no setup fees!

This backpack has everything you need to get more info, just send me an email at or fill out the form below!

Your logo will go where you see the WhatUp Silicon Valley logo in the image.

Yes, send me more information about my custom backpack!


Why a portable power bank? Well, if you’ve read our guide on choosing the right podcast equipment then you’ll know we recommend having a charger handy to keep your recorder juiced up!

This is yet another great opportunity for branding!

My charger preference? The TenFour (pictured below).


At a 10,400 mAh power level this gives you almost 5X as much juice as the common emergency power bank (chargers) you see on the market. Not only that but they’re are several USB ports so you can keep more than just your recorder charged up!

We can get this charger to you for just $50! Your logo will go where you see the WhatUp Silicon Valley art on the charger below.

Again no setup fee’s and no minimums! Makes it a no-brainer, right?!

Email me – to a custom branded charger with your pod logo or fill out the convenient form below.

Yes, send me more information about my custom charger!


You’ll need podcast headphones to monitor the volume levels and make sure everything sounds right. There are a ton of great headphones available! Branded or non-branded the choices seem to be endless!

branded head set

Even tho, I’m SwagSam (the guy that loves selling Swag as much as he loves using Swag) … I did start with non-branded headphones. I fell into the trap of getting the high quality studio headphones recommended by video production folks. Well, I totally regret that! Not that the headphones weren’t good, but that they didn’t have my podcast logo on them!

For the same price as most studio quality headphones, we can get you fully customizable headphones with your podcast logo on them! Each ear comes with full color branding and no setups / no minimums!

If you want to get a pair, just send me an email – or fill out the form below!!

Yes, send me more information about my custom headphones!


Okay, admittedly this is a bit over the top, but hey if you really want to get your brand noticed and literally in front of people then don’t skimp and get some mic flags!

branded mic flags

We have all different styles… triangle, square, rectangle and even more options for in-studio purposes.

If you want to see all the options, just send me a note at and I’ll be happy to get you more info on these … or fill out the form below.

This is another product that we can do at just one piece and no setup fee’s which makes it easy to justify being over the top with your brand! ?

Yes, send me more information about my custom mic flags!


Finally, the polo… the most common business appropriate branded clothing item you can imagine … and versatile too!

customized branded polo shirt

I love polo’s because you can dress up your look by tucking them in with some slacks and nice shoes or you can go casual by keeping it untucked with your favorite pair of jeans.

Our most popular custom polo shirts with logo is this performance style that will keep you cool, calm and collected.

With so many different materials and colors to choose from, we really need to have a conversation to find the one that works for you. Below is just a picture of one of our favorites.

For more info on polo’s, email me – and we’ll get you some options!

Yes, send me more information about my custom polo!

Part 2: Swag Giveaways!

This is what everyone wants, everyone wants free stuff … don’t we?!

In terms of podcasting, my two favorite items to hand out to my guests and friends are custom printed socks and shirts! This is because clothing is so personal and people actually use it!

When someone gets out of bed in the morning and grabs their favorite shirt … they do just that. They find the branded t-shirt that has the best fabric because it’s soft and fits on their body perfectly. They don’t really care about the logo. They want the comfy shirt! And for that reason, I recommend going with any heathered shirt (preferably a charcoal heather) and keeping your logo subtle by going what we call “tone on tone”.

Tone on tone simply means it’s putting a black imprint on a dark grey shirt, or maybe a dark blue on a light blue shirt and so on. Whereas a loud shirt like a yellow imprint on a blue shirt (to look like the Golden State Warriors – Go Dubs!) wouldn’t appeal to everyone because maybe they don’t the team or simply don’t want to look like a walking billboard for your brand.

And socks. Socks are so hot right now … but really. Everyone loves some funky socks!

so hot rightnow polo

When do most people listen to podcasts? The morning. When do you put on the socks? The Morning. Catch them there and maybe it’ll remind them to listen to your pod!

That’s it for these and any other ideas, hit me up at!
We have over 1 million items we can customize. Literally… no joke. So, let’s talk more and find something that will work for you!

Swag On,

gray shirt
branded socks