In this series of how to use Swag (promotional products) to inspire action with your clients we have covered all the basics. Everything from planning with the end in mind, budgeting, packaging and of course… getting samples. What we haven’t really talked about is the products themselves…

promotional items

Swag is literally everywhere. Wherever you are right now, take a look around.

Do you see any of the following?

  • Shirt you received
  • Hat you were given
  • Branded Pens
  • Cool funky socks you got a trade show
  • Your go to water bottle that keeps your liquids cool for over 24 hours
  • Favorite backpack which just happens to be branded
  • A charger you received from an event
  • What about a PopSocket?
  • Sticky Wallet anyone?

I could go on and on with all the possible items you may have received as a Swag giveaway. I didn’t even bother to touch on everyday items like bottle openers or other keychains and any form of notepad, journal or notebook. The point is Swag is literally everywhere. At every point in our day we are interacting with a branded item.

Per PPAI, our industry’s leading largest and oldest not-for-profit association servicing more than 15,000 corporate members of the $23 billion promotional products, reports that…

50% of people use promotional products (Swag) at all times

This is an astonishing stat! Think about 50% of us are using some form of a branded product at all times. What about the other 50%? Are they just using branded items during part of their day?

I challenge you to seriously look around your surroundings in the next few days and notice all the branded items you own. It will surely add up!

Here’s another great stat from PPAI…

9 in 10 people recall the brand when using promotional products (Swag)

So here it is my friends… half of us are using Swag or promotional items all the time and 90% of us actually remember the name of the branded item we’re using ALL THE TIME. You want talk about impressions… how’s that for impressions?!

Holiday season is fastly approaching. Yes, I know.

holiday company gifts

The kids are just getting back to school and we’re not wanting summer to end. But the truth of the matter is, summer is almost gone. Football season is back and before you know it, we’ll be seeing pumpkin spice something everywhere in the midst of planning our Thanksgiving plans.

For most of us this is a stressful time of year. AND if you’re involved in the purchasing of Swag for your company while planning your employee holiday event then the last thing you want to do is stress over Swag deadlines.

Let’s start Brand-Storming for your holidays now, so that you can sit back and not worry about missing deadlines for your branded goodies that you can’t wait to give out to your employees and clients this holiday season.

Swag Works. The only question is, what part of your target demographics life to you want to be most involved in?

Maybe a hydration pack like a Camel-Bak if it’s recreation, socks/shirts for everyday clothing, journals for note taking, or one of our favorites custom pillowcases and blankets for the Netflixing binging nights (maybe a bamboo popcorn bowl too!)

branded bags

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