Often times people say half the battle is just showing up. I’d counter that by saying being ready.

As I from time to time mention, I’m in the SWAG business. No, I’m not talking about being on the creative team for Old Spice commercials, nor am I talking about modeling my persona after Don Draper whom perfectly embodies the meaning of having swagger. SWAG to me is a cooler word that represents the promotional products industry. What are promotional products? Well, glad you asked 🙂
I explain SWAG (AKA promo items AKA promotional merchandise PKA advertising specialties) as literally any item that can be branded. When I go to networking mixers I say “I put logo’s on things”. It’s funny because peoples responses are typically like “oh, like mugs? well, about shirts? hats?” They go on and on as if to stump me, haha. Literally anything… we can put your logo on anything. It really belittles the work I do (and my industry) to introduce what I do for a living this way. But the reason I do this is for efficiency sake.
See I am all about efficiencies and processes. For years I had an elevator pitch that sounded great although people didn’t exactly understand that I do SWAG. Once I simplified the explanation of what I do, it really moved the needle so that we could start working on a project together.

My industry, much like a lot industries, is focused on deadlines. It’s November 30th today… what does that mean to you? Are you focused on goal-setting, maybe making extra sales calls, or perhaps you’re checked out and planning your New Years itinerary. For me, this is the most busy time of year. I’m on call – clients are needing SWAG for both employees and clients as Holiday Gifts (and they need it ASAP). So back to the title of this blog post and to bring it full circle…

Instead of just simply showing up – which to me means yea I do often times check my emails at 2AM. But usually that’s to clear them out. I’m literally engaging with clients before 7am and burning the midnight oil as they say to serve my clients better. I’ve been preparing for this time of the year over the past few months so that I would be READY to serve my clients better.
AND so that I am completely transparent. Here is what being ready means to me… Any content marketing pieces, any financial reviews, any outside noises … all of this was addressed within the past couple months so that now my calendar is clear and I’m ready to jump on any opportunity.

So, I ask you… my faithful reader; how are you showing up and what are you doing beforehand to prepare for the opportunity that lies ahead?

Swag On,
– SwagSam AKA Sam

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