Despite the weather and dressing in shorts and sandals quite a bit; I’m ready to talk about beanies, gloves, and jackets.

Yup, the holidays are right around the corner and what better time to start thinking about holiday gifts?!

With the amount of networking I do I often get asked “What do you do for work”? To which I simply respond, “I put logo’s on things”. Well, now I talk about the podcast and events in addition to my real “work”. But the point I’m trying to make is that I really downplay what we do at ValueBP and don’t often engage in a deep conversation about what we do. Yes, we do promotional products and we do put logo’s on things but we do so much more than that.

For example we’ve been engaging with our clients about Holiday Gifts for their employees and/or clients since August. One of the key things we do is plan ahead and with purpose too. There are so many details that go into choosing the right item and one of the minor details that often gets overlooked is the design of your artwork. See oftentimes folks will be laser focused on products themselves. We tend to ask our clients what the purpose / goal of the project is. During this conversation is when we talk about artwork. It’s incredibly important for us to know upfront if we are going to be doing a special design vs just putting a logo on an item. I like to pick out items that can really compliment what your design is.

The other thing to note about holiday gifts for businesses is that it is important that the item is thoughtfully designed. We can get away with having a low budget while blowing the recipient away just by thoughtful design. To be completely honest it’s incrediby difficult to find items that are $5 or less ea that will blow someone away with the holiday gift. Although if it’s packaged nicely, the item itself is relevant to your client and if it’s not a fidget spinner than we’ll be on the right track!

Here are 2 questions you can ask yourself if you’re considering what to get for your clients/employees this holiday season.

  1. What do I want the recipients to feel?
  2. How can this gift stand out from the crowds over gifts this holiday season?

I’m always ready to “Brand-Storm” with you, so if you’d like some ideas on how you can have a successful gift giving holiday season then give me a call 🙂 … 408.776.8994 x200

Working with us means you can “rest easy” knowing we take care of everything (place your order, ensure logo and graphics are what you want, where you want it, get your order delivered on time and to the correct location!)

So, yup, a good night’s sleep is in store for you when working with ValueBP!