If you’re not a fan of sports, well … then you probably can’t relate to a lot of what I talk about. We just released a Podcast with the San Francisco 49ers President, Al Guido. Looking back I realized that a large portion of our podcasts and even my blog posts relate back to sports. Is this a bad thing? I think not.

Sports teach us so many lessons. For me, again, I’ll share my triathlon story. In short never did I ever think I would attempt –  let alone complete several Olympic Distance Triathlons. The reason for that is I have no background in running, swimming, or cycling.
Now, here’s the most interesting thing about how training for triathlons has impacted my life… My sales nearly doubled for the past 3 years and in the middle of all this was when I was heavily training for my first triathlon. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

For my faithful readers (and my 49ers Faithful) I really want to encourage you to listen to this Podcast with Al Guido. Al’s story is beyond inspiring. I remember I first saw him speak at a breakfast benefiting the Boy Scouts of America and was blown away. Candidly, I went into the breakfast to support my colleagues from the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and didn’t know what to expect.
Al grew up in New Jersey with humble beginnings; he worked on wall street and one day his Father let him know the Philadelphia 76ers were hiring. Al got his start in sports once he left wall street to pursue a j-o-b with the 76ers and never looked back. Oh, and we should mention he was only getting paid 6 dollars an hour with the 76ers. Often times people talk about taking a “leap of faith”; Al did just that and boy did it pay off.

Click here to listen to the Podcast to be motivated to chase your dreams.

– SwagSam