I met Alexander Laurin through a Podcasting Mastermind Facebook group.  What, you’re surpised there’s a “mastermind” fb group for podcasters?  C’mon there’s a facebook group for everything!  Anyway, Alexander has a Podcast called “The Podcaster’s Coach” where he interviews other podcasters and helps hopeful podcasters go from idea to launch!

Check out the episode here.

So, flip the script – what’s all that about?!  Well, I haven’t been a guest on a podcast before this episode. I’ve done over 40 podcasts either by myself, with Sergio, in person and some call-in ones.  To say being a guest on a pod is out of my comfort zone wouldn’t be entirely true. However, I am used to running the podcast and being the host so it was a nice experience to see it from the other side.

Here is what I learned…

We all can get so caught up in doing that we might forget about user experience. In this specific example I went into the podcast seeing what I can learn from Alexander. To be more specific, what does Alexander do pre-show in terms of coordinating times, sending links and even right before we actually record how is he going to set the stage for the podcast. From there, I really tried to listen to the way he guided the conversation and the overall flow. Lastly – the follow-up …. what does Alexander do in his process of following-up that I can apply to my approach.

All of this is just to suggest that sometimes whether it’s in business, personal relationships or anything else it’s nice to get the opportunity to be on the other side.  Really try to learn and get the experience of what it’s like from someone else’s point of view so you can apply to your approach.

How are you going to flip the script? I challenge you to find something in the next week and let me know how it worked out for you.