Millennials are a hot topic, but if you’re not preparing for Generation Z; then you’re missing out.

I’m a millennial; and I first remember hearing about “marketing to millennials” back around 2006 or so at an Office Supply Conference in Las Vegas.  I remember our rep at the time being so pumped up that the conference was going to be focused about marketing to millennials.

Looking back this was great – they were ahead of the curve!

You know what I don’t understand… I don’t understand why millennials are such a strong topic of debate today.  To me, I’m preparing for Generation Z. If you didn’t know already … Generation Z will be entering the workforce in 2020.  That’s just a few years away.  Marketing to millennials is old news.

I recently wrote a blog post for PromoCorner (one of the promotional products largest news distribution sources) and this post was all about a recent Young Professionals conference I attended.  See, the promo (SWAG) industry does not have a Young Professionals networking group for the industry (rather it did not til recently).  To me this was shocking!  I mean I was apart of a Young Pro’s group in the dull and boring industry that is office supplies back in 2006!  Well, the SWAG industry had their first official conference designed by millennials for millennials.  The group and the conference is called SPARK – click here if you’re interested in hearing more about my experience with this one-of-a-kind experience in Denver!

Back to the topic at hand… let’s start preparing for Generation Z.

I came across a website called GenHQ; if you are at all interested in learning more about generational topics then I strongly urge you to head on over to their website.

Here is a list of free downloads from GenHQ.

What are you doing now to prepare for Gen Z?