In January of 2017, I wrote down a goal to publish my first book by May 1st, 2018. On May 1st of 2018, Success with Swag(ger) my very first book was published.

Honestly, this book I just completed was not the first topic I had in mind. Originally, I wanted to write a guide geared towards Generation Z. Well, not exactly. It was going to a professional development guide geared towards recent college grads which at the time would be towards Gen Z. However, it’d really be something “evergreen” that anyone about to graduate or recently graduated could turn to for help.

As I was brainstorming what to write, how to write, and all that jazz … I realized that virtual assistants (VA’s) was a topic people were looking to me for advice on. I never understood why my peers came to me for advice on how to work with VA’s. I mean I’m comparing myself to people like Tim Ferriss. Tiom Ferriss is arguably known and looked to as the guru to working with virtual assistants, so, I’m having these thoughts like who am I to write about this subject.

Then one day a light bulb went off… I realized that I do work with VA’s a ton. But not just that… I know how to get started with VA’s. I might not be an expert on the topic, but I am an expert in how to get started in working with VA’s. I’ve been working with VA’s for over 6 years now and in the past 8 months I’ve made a major shift in my business where now I solely rely on VA’s.

The point of all this isn’t about my promoting my book. No, it’s about goal-setting. I was struggling to write a book based on the topic that I set out to write about but I didn’t give up. I wrote down a goal, and therefore it is my conviction to accomplish said goal. I made sure I would achieve it.

So, with this I’m going to challenge you. What have you been saying you want to do but haven’t done? Have you told yourself it’s a goal? Have you written it down as a goal. If not, why?

My hope with your reading of this article is to write down your number one goal and go out and accomplish it.

For more on my book, you can check it out on Amazon (just $.99 on kindle) and less than $10 for the paperback. I wanted to make it free but Amazon doesn’t allow that. I have no intentions of getting rich off my book – the purpose and goal of this book is to help you and I know it will. Working with VA’s has helped me grow professionally and increase my productivity that I just want to see you have this same feeling. It truly is amazing 🙂

Hit me up at and I’d be happy to talk with you about how you can start working with VA’s to improve your efficiencies.

Swag On,