Pia Silva is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and even a contributor for Forbes Magazine. In her book “Badass Your Brand”, Pia teaches small service based businesses how to be more profitable by niching down on ideal clients while charging a premium price.

I recently had the pleasure of recording a Podcast with Pia for the SwagSam mini series that will be live in October.  Pretty cool too because I went from “fanboy” hearing her on one of my favorite Podcaster’s shows’ to reading her book in a weekend, to now getting the privilege of having her on my Podcast!

Pia has a very interesting story and you’ll want to read her book to hear more.  In our Pod we touch on some of the below:

  • If Badass’ing your Brand is right for you
  • What does it mean to Badass your Brand
  • Advice for young professionals
  • How to network professionally
  • Growing your audience online through blogging
  • Avoiding Burnout

One of my favorite topics Pia and I talked about was her favorite use of Promotional Items (SWAG).

I was expecting to hear something like “oh my husband and I created this really cool graphic for a client’s t-shirt” yada yada yada. Much to my delight, Pia actually spoke about magnets.  Trust me, I never get excited about magnets.  I mean I printed some WhatUp Silicon Valley magnets just for myself/Serg and that’s cool (see below) but I rarely get excited about magnets. Pia though on the other-hand had a clever use for magnets as a promotional item or as she described her strategy “they can’t be an ad, it needs to be really cool… something everyone would want to put on their fridge”.  Check out the gallery below.  All these magnets went out to artist friends that can relate to these and will find them funny … not only that but check out the tasteful branding with the company “#Sellout” logo and url.

Do you think her friends/recipients of the magnets would go crazy over magnets that simply had the #Sellout design with the url?  It’s possible, but not probable.

So, next time you’re thinking about doing a SWAG project be sure to put some thought into why you are using promotional products, how you will be distributing them, and who they are going out to.

My company, ValueBP, offers a free “Brand-Storming” session where we have a quick call / in person meeting to go over these details so that we can recommend items to reflect your brand and get you results.

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Two Bald Eagles settled in Milpitas, CA to raise an eaglet.  This was huge news as not only is Milpitas a suburban city but their nest was actually located on a public elementary school property.  We had several podcasts where we rambled up bald eagles a bit too much so we and some of our listeners could relate to this funny graphic of us with a bald eagle.