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Writer’s block is real and by the way, why is it that I write best at 3 in the morning?!

In last week’s blog I stressed the importance of holding yourself accountable and that I really need to take my own advice. Basically, I know how to avoid burn out so I just need to do it.  I’m thrilled to report back that I’m already feeling like I’m back on track (maybe it was the quick 2 day business trip to Denver that helped too).  Which not to get to side tracked but if you are going to Denver any time soon go to RED ROCKS!  Or better yet, check out this link for an upcoming concert at the Red Rocks and schedule a getaway.  Definitely worth it!!!  Ok… so where was I?  Oh, 3AM that’s right…

I believe in two big routines that I have that contribute to setting myself up for success.

  1. Waking up early:  One of my first blog posts was actually all about my morning routines.  I like to wake up at 6 or 6:30am at the latest on weekdays to get a head start on my emails and get my morning workout out of the way with no distractions.  Plus, I just have more energy throughout the day when I start the morning out with a workout!
  2. Winning Tomorrow Tonight:  I go over my calendar for the next day before I head to bed.  I like to clean out my inbox before bed as well.  Just doing these simple tasks puts me at ease and gives me solace knowing what I have in store for the next day.

Well, here’s the problem…

I’m in major HUSTLE MODE right now.  Check out the lock screen from my phone.  A friend shared this quick video from Gary Vee the other day where he goes on an epic rant about how August is the time to grind and put in the work to finish strong.  I really needed this video and it’s helping me get back on track.  I’m pumped; just started working with a friend that has put together a 12 month content plan for the SwagSam brand.  We have monthly themes, down to weekly themes, down to titles and topics for each day of the week.  So, I found myself not being able to sleep because I am excited and motivated.  Launch date is set for October 1st and I have already written out the first 3 podcast outlines along with the accompanying blogs.  But why oh why do I have the motivation to do this at 3 in the morning?!  I’ve literally had multiple Saturdays where I told myself okay all I need to accomplish today is one solid blog post.  But it doesn’t get done (rather, it gets done but just drags on with procrastinating to the point where I lose my whole day).  So, my friends I’m turning to you…

What do you do to inspire your own creativity to get your right brain work accomplished when you want to do it?!  (not when you feel like doing it).

At the end of the day I know that for me I cannot force creativity.  In my day job of being in the promotional products business I can turn on and off at any moment.  It’s second nature to me… whether it’s biz dev, brand-storming ideas for clients, processing orders… any and all of it I can do at any time.  SO… I am beyond grateful that I have a strong inside team because I’d be lying if I said that if my creativity hits at 2pm on a Tuesday I’m going to get my creative work done instead.

Part two of this is the contradictory of staying up all night while still managing to wake up at 6am for a workout, work all day, then network at night.  There needs to be balance.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this…



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