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WhatUp Silicon Valley is the podcast network looking to inform and inspire young professionals and entrepreneurs trying to find their way and make their mark in the hustle and grind of Silicon Valley.
The founders of WhatUp Silicon Valley, Sam and Sergio, met networking around the Valley and a couple of years later are a great example of what success looked like for them. They will make the impossible seem possible, motivate you to achieve the unbelievable and help you to find your why!
The diversity of the team ensures we don’t just talk business, if it is happening in the Valley then you will hear about it here. Every member of the team is a Silicon Valley enthusiast, each bringing their unique perspective to every episode.  We talk sport, real estate, cultural events, where to eat, as well as interviewing some of the top movers and shakes in the area.
Listen up to the latest and greatest in the South Bay area, if it’s worth knowing, you heard it here first!