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#12: The Power of Influencer Marketing w/ Strideline’s Jake Director!

Starting off with a pair of crew socks with the Seattle city skyline, Jake Director created a brand with his best friend to create a line of premium quality socks. Now with multiple licenses like the NFL and the MLB, Director is changing the sock game, one pair at a time. Strideline’s success was initially…

#15: Networking Tips w/ Serg! … Success with Swag(ger) PART 1

Quote: “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you” PromoCorner blog referenced Shout Outs Silicon Valley Young Professionals Event Robert Robledo Hustle Valley Mastermind w/ the WhatUp Crew Sweet Home SV Aubrie Avina Five Points in DTSJ Peanut Butter Wolf Brand Hero pod w/ Strideline Socks Sushi Randy Andrew from Scott’s Seafood

#10: Event Planning with commonsku’s Mark Graham

Co-founder of commonsku, Mark Graham, is a veteran in promotional marketing. Through their software, not only has Graham helped entrepreneurs with their business, but created a platform for marketing professionals to interact and share lessons and values through networking events. Graham is one of the leaders behind skucamp and skucon, two commonsku sponsored gatherings for…

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Mojo Mondays #13: Quarter 1 Review and Q2 Planning (worksheet included)

Quarterly Content Generator – CLICK HERE! “You are getting better or you are getting worse. You never stay the same” Shout Outs Bill Petrie Charity Gibson Jessness from “That Valley Vibe” Silicon Valley Concierge Association Kirby Hasseman Social Media Examiner Emily Crume

#7: FreeeUp Your Time with Nathan Hirsch

Check out! DOWNLOAD my eBook on how to get started working w/ VA’s DOWNLOAD your Skills / Fun Matrix DOWNLOAD your Time Audit template Powered by freelancers all over the world, FreeeUp’s Nathan Hirsch turned virtual assistance into a $5 million dollar business. Hirsch, who started off selling textbooks out of his college dorm,…

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Mojo Mondays #10: Avoiding Burnout and Minimizing Stress

WhatUp and Welcome back to another episode of Mojo Mondays. Today we’re talking avoiding burnout and stress. I’m bringing John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs on Fire back in and we’re going to hear what he has to say about avoiding burnout. REMEMBER this is the podcast to fire you up for the work week because…

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#6: Using T-Shirts to Inspire!

Born and raised in San Jose, Ron Filice was inspired by his own setbacks to become the CEO of his own company. Founding Filice Insurance after being rejected from Santa Clara University, Filice took his own losses and turned them into his biggest win yet. In addition to their health insurance, Filice Insurance also offers…

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Mojo Mondays #9: Virtual Assistants (Part 2: What a VA is and why you might want to )

Check out! To get started, go to and mention you heard about them from the WhatUp Silicon Valley PODCAST and Nathan (and his team) will take great care of you! Come to the Celebrity Bartender event on 2/28! Sergio and I will be bartending!

Brand Hero #2: Bill Petrie: Content Marketing – Consistency is KING.

Bill Petrie is the President of PromoCorner; the leading digital marketing service provider for the SWAG industry. Lessons – Be Consistent with your content – Be Authentically you and what you do – Do something for 10 times then evaluate – Blogging: Have at least 5 posts ready before you start – Ask hard questions SWAG…

Mojo Mondays #4: The Importance of Finding your Tribe (Building your team)

I spent 5 days in Vegas last week… crazy right?! SO happy to be back and I’m fired up because it’s Monday and I can start implementing all the things I learned from the SWAG Show last week! In this week’s podcast we’re diving into the importance of finding your tribe and how to get…

Brand Hero: Pilot

This is the podcast for those whom do not fast forward commercials, for the dreamer that takes pen to paper and maps out their vision, and for the people that wake up in the middle of the night with creative ambitions. Value Business Products: Family Owned OFFICE SUPPLY Company in Silicon Valley ValueBP Marketing Group:…

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Sam & Serg #42: Silicon Valley Clean Energy is Saving you Money and you might not even know it

Pamela Leonard from Silicon Valley Clean Energy joins the pod to discuss how you might be saving money on your energy bill and not even know it.  In addition to some local craft beer talk and how she got to where she is today. Shoutouts 9/23:  Ludwig’s Oktoberfest 9/26: Live Podcast & Comedy Jam w/…

Podcast 36: Randy Hahn – 8x Emmy Winner and SJ Sharks TV Broadcaster

Sam & Serg sit down with San Jose Sharks Television broadcaster, “the voice,” Randy Hahn. This legend has been calling Sharks games since the beginning back in 91 and has won 8 emmys! Grab your favorite sharks jersey and listen in as we interview this Bay Area sports legend! Legendary play by play broadcaster for…

Podcast 34: Pool Parties at the Fairmont in Downtown San Jose!

The secret is out… The Fairmont in downtown San Jose is the place to be this summer!  Listen in as we get an insider look at their DETOX pool parties!  Register today for the Pool Party on 7/23 and mark your calendar for labor day weekend too! Check out this video showing just how cool…

Podcast 27: An interview with eBay’s Sergio Gonzales

In this tech episode, Sam & Serg sit with eBay’s Director of Innovation Programs, Sergio Gonzales at eBay’s worldwide HQ in San Jose, CA. Sergio talks about eBay’s legacy dating back to the first ever item sold, a broken laser pointer in 1995 for $14.83. He also explains his critical role in keeping the company…

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