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Exploring the ‘Green Side’ of Silicon Valley – from 4/20 Friendly to Earth Day

Sweet Home Silicon Valley Earth Day & 4/20

Bringing new meaning to the term “green” — from this weekend’s Earth Day celebrations to San Jose’s popular “4/20” significance. Sweet Home SV looks into the history of legalized Cannabis and why the city of San Jose is a California stand out since Prop 64 was passed. Learn about which activities are taking place in…

We’re scratching the surface on good eats in Campbell

Sweet Home SV at Flights, Campbell

Sweet Home SV covers Campbell! We explore the historic downtown area, rich in local history and filled with delicious cafes and coffee shops. Learn about a few of our recommended restaurants and listen in as we talk about the tasty bites we had at Campbell’s newest eatery ‘Flights’. Links to everything mentioned on today’s show!…

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A Bay Area tech icon’s move to the South Bay + free Easter activities this weekend!

Sweet Home Silicon Valley Episode 13

Learn about a local Silicon Valley company’s move to the South Bay. Plus, if you’ve been following the news lately, you know the Fed just made a big announcement about interest rates earlier this week. I interview O2 Mortgage’s Drew Frampton, an expert in the world of mortgage rates who will help us better understand…

CityLine Sunnyvale: a downtown development that includes new housing & more!

Sweet Home SIilicon Valley & CityLineSunnyvale

Picking up where we left off last week – we’re diving deep into the history of Sunnyvale, how it got its name, all the cool stuff to do, and why one house sold for $2mil in 2 days — a new Sunnyvale record! Did you know about the new development underway? It’s called CityLine Sunnyvale,…

Smart home tech & Sunnyvale bites @Nom Burger

Sweet Home Silicon Valley gives Nom Burger the WhatUp stamp of approval

Half of the WhatUp Silicon Valley crew taste-test Nom Burger in downtown Sunnyvale, giving it the WhatUp stamp of approval. Plus, we dive into the world of smart home technology, listen in to learn about getting started with home automation. Links to everything mentioned on today’s show! NomBurger in Sunnyvale DEFINITION: Smart Home Symphony…

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