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#86: Sharks Foundation’s commitment to giving back to the Bay Area!

Learn more about the San Jose Sharks Foundation: Get your tickets for the Tank Tailgate on 9/23: In 1994, the San Jose Sharks established the official charity arm of the team the Sharks Foundation, a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Sharks Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underserved youth and families in the…

#85: Stuck in an Elevator w/ May Sam Liccardo of San Jose!

Follow Mayor Sam Liccardo The Great408! About this Episode Features backstory – growing up in south bay, local high school (bellarmine) Highlights include challenges with trump on climate change Future vision for san jose Recent re-election and what he would like to be remembered for Favorite things to do in and around san jose Relationships…

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#84: College Football Playoff National Championship 2019!

Learn more about the College Football National Championship (Game on 1/7/2019) Upcoming Events & Watch Parties leading up to the Championship Game Get your tickets for the game on 1/7/19 Check out the Volunteer Opportunities Suite & Sponsorships Get a FREE Ike’s Sandwich! Get a FREE 30 day trial to Audible to listen to free…

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#21: Content Marketing – Just Start! (w/ Britney Godsey)

Britney is the VP of Sales to one of the largest supplier in the Swag industry, today we are going to learn how and why she and her team took Gold Bond to the next level. Britney never have thought of selling pencil for a living yet she made an extraordinary promotional products which includes…

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S01 / Ep 24: Your Why.

discovering your purpose, knowing your why

REMEMBER this is the podcast to fire you up for the work week because there’s No case of the Monday’s here! Topic of the day: Your Why Start off with a quote: Do what you do with love and success is a natural symptom. – James Altucher (author of choose yourself book) Inspiration, Motivation, Purpose and…

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#74: Anjelah Johnson – Comedian, Actress & former Raiderette Cheerleader!

World Famous comedian, Anjelah Johnson, sat down with Sam & Serg to give Silicon Valley locals a behind-the-scenes look into what keeps her motivated… and we mean “behind-the-scenes” – this pod was recorded backstage at the San Jose Improv right before Anjelah stepped on stage to perform. Time Stamps – Nail Salon Story @ 11:30…

#20: Grow your subscribers with email. Sam Parr (CEO of The Hustle)

At only two years old, “The Hustle” is famous for its distribution of a daily email. A collection of the current business and news – everything needed to start the day.   Grown in a short period of time to now having nearly 1 million young professional subscribers, the CEO and co-founder Sam Parr contributes some…

#19: Capitalizing on Unique Lifestyle Products for Men w/ Touch of Modern’s CEO Jerry Hum!

As a men-focused niche founded in 2012, Touch of Modern is an e-commerce website and app that caters to the modern lifestyle. Considered as one of the fastest growing company, it is a curated, online shopping destination for men to elevate their lifestyle. It provides redefining online shopping experience for every product curated from furniture…

#72: Dan Gordon – the man behind Gordon Biersch!

Hilarious Gordon Biersch YouTube video referenced  The Gordon Biersch way to deliver kegs! Sign-up for Audible and get a FREE month! Sam:                      All right. Let’s bring in our guest today. Sergio, pretty pumped. We’re at Gordon Biersch Brewery and we’re sitting with Dan Gordon. Sergio:                  We’re not only at Gordon Biersch, we’re at the headquarters…

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#16: Re-Branding w/ John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs on Fire! (JLD on EOFire)

I am really pump up with today’s interview because today, we have the man on fire…no other than John Lee Dumas aka JLD the host and founder to one of the most successful podcast – the Entrepreneurs on Fire. Let’s listen and learn the secrets on what it takes to build a brand from the…

S01 / Ep 15: Networking Tips w/ Serg! … Success with Swag(ger) PART 1

Quote: “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you” PromoCorner blog referenced Shout Outs Silicon Valley Young Professionals Event Robert Robledo Hustle Valley Mastermind w/ the WhatUp Crew Sweet Home SV Aubrie Avina Five Points in DTSJ Peanut Butter Wolf Brand Hero pod w/ Strideline Socks Sushi Randy Andrew from Scott’s Seafood

Hustle Valley 4: Event Planning w/ Cori Lambert

Cori Lambert left the world of account management to pursue a more hands on career: event planning. From Long Beach, California, she worked her way up to the Bay Area to jump-start an exciting adventure with Stuart Event Rentals, gaining a behind the scenes pass to any Silicon Valley affair. From LinkedIn to the PGA…

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From the Vault: Our Podcast w/ RANDY HAHN from the San Jose Sharks!

Originally recorded in August of 2017 and re-released in March of 2018… Sam & Serg sit down with San Jose Sharks Television broadcaster, “the voice,” Randy Hahn. This legend has been calling Sharks games since the beginning back in 91 and has won 8 emmys! Grab your favorite sharks jersey and listen in as we…

S01 / Ep 13: Quarter 1 Review and Q2 Planning (worksheet included)

Quarterly Content Generator – CLICK HERE! “You are getting better or you are getting worse. You never stay the same” Shout Outs Bill Petrie Charity Gibson Jessness from “That Valley Vibe” Silicon Valley Concierge Association Kirby Hasseman Social Media Examiner Emily Crume

S01 / Ep 10: Avoiding Burnout and Minimizing Stress

WhatUp and Welcome back to another episode of Mojo Mondays. Today we’re talking avoiding burnout and stress. I’m bringing John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs on Fire back in and we’re going to hear what he has to say about avoiding burnout. REMEMBER this is the podcast to fire you up for the work week because…

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S01 / Ep 9: Virtual Assistants (Part 2: What a VA is and why you might want to )

Check out! To get started, go to and mention you heard about them from the WhatUp Silicon Valley PODCAST and Nathan (and his team) will take great care of you! Come to the Celebrity Bartender event on 2/28! Sergio and I will be bartending!