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We’re scratching the surface on good eats in Campbell

Sweet Home SV at Flights, Campbell

Sweet Home SV covers Campbell! We explore the historic downtown area, rich in local history and filled with delicious cafes and coffee shops. Learn about a few of our recommended restaurants and listen in as we talk about the tasty bites we had at Campbell’s newest eatery ‘Flights’. Links to everything mentioned on today’s show!…

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WhatUp #56: Intro to new format and HUSTLE VALLEY #1

Starting January 1st, 2018 WhatUp Silicon Valley is moving to a network format. Every Monday through Friday we will bring you a Podcast all about professional development and what’s going down in Silicon Valley. This special episode is an introduction to our new once a month pod featuring all the hosts – Hustle Valley. WhatUp…

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Sam & Serg #41: Larry Krueger from KNBR (Live @ Levi’s Stadium)

Larry Krueger sits down with us live from the KNBR Studio at Levi’s Stadium!  Listen in as the guys talk football on opening day, what it takes to work in radio (and with Gary Radnich), that one time Larry met Howard, college football in Silicon Valley, 49ers 2017 outlook, fantasy talk and Larry’s bold Super…

Podcast 27: An interview with eBay’s Sergio Gonzales

In this tech episode, Sam & Serg sit with eBay’s Director of Innovation Programs, Sergio Gonzales at eBay’s worldwide HQ in San Jose, CA. Sergio talks about eBay’s legacy dating back to the first ever item sold, a broken laser pointer in 1995 for $14.83. He also explains his critical role in keeping the company…

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SwagSam’s Mini Series #4: I believe in BILLBOARDS! (Tips for Young Professionals)

WhatUp! And Welcome to SwagSam’s… you’ve come to the right place if you are interested in personal development, health and fitness and challenging yourself to do the things you’ve never dreamed of doing! This Podcast is a spin-off from our parent show “WhatUp Silicon Valley” where the focus is highlighting local businesses and South Bay…

Podcast 25: Top 10 Moments!

In this special episode, we relive our first 24 podcast episodes and choose our top 10 moments in chronological order! 10) Podcast 1 – Pilot Podcast (4:40) • 9) Podcast 2 – 1st Bald Eagle Sighting (8:35) • 8) Podcast 7 – Dave Kaval (11:26) • 7) Podcast 9 – Dennis Brown SB Champ (16:52)…

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