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Promotional Products AKA SWAG is more than just sticking your logo on any old product. Sure, I process plenty of simple mug, pen and t-shirt orders. However, where the power of promo comes in is when we hold a BrandStorming session to make sure your SWAG campaign generates results!


The process is simple… we have a brainstorming session (in person or by phone) to understand your target demographic, theme of your project and any other key details. Brandstorming isn’t just done with my clients, I meet internally with my team to put together a custom presentation of how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Highlight Episode

#40: A World Where People Work to Make a Life – WeWork’s GM of Northern California, Elton Kwok!


Bay Area locations: we.co/norcal More info on creator awards: https://www.wework.com/creator/ Instagram + Twitter handle: @wework The WeWork Story Founded in 2010, wanting to build more than beautiful, shared office spaces. A dream of building a community and a place to join as an individual but where you become part of a greater “we”. WeWork is redefining success mesausred by…

#39: Discovering & Exploring the Outdoors with a new App called Pathfindr!


Follow Pathfindr: https://www.instagram.com/gopathfindr/ learn more about the Chop Shop: https://chopshopoffroad.com/ Connect with Josh here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshrpedigo/


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