S01 / Ep 6: My Dolla System to get sh!t done! (Prioritizing)

REMEMBER if you write down your goals and read ’em daily there’s no reason why you can’t achieve them!

FIRED UP this week:

  • Finally a clear calendar
  • Podcast with the CEO of 99designs goes live next week on the Brand Hero Podcast!
    • This week: storytelling legend himself bobby lehew
  • WhatUp Shows: Taking action all month long
  • Speaking and ebook plans: theming each month – making a new ebook I can use as a speaking topic, lead magnet etc

Alright let’s do this!

Topic of the day: Prioritizing

Start off with a quote: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right

  • Star system for Dollar System
  • Using the Skills / Fun Matrix we will prioritize our tasks
  • Organization tips (g drive, trello etc)
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Sam Kabert is the Creative Director of ValueBP Marketing Group and the Creator and Co-Host of the podcast “WhatUp Silicon Valley!” A risk taker who embraces permanent beta, Sam is leading the transformation of his family-run office supplies business into a promotional products’ powerhouse.

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