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SWAG: Corporate Clothing 101


SWAG comes in all forms. Whether it’s in the form of swagger as in your confidence when you stroll down the street with your new branded jacket or if it’s SWAG as in the branded jacket itself. In either case SWAG or swagger keeps us happy. In the first example I think we can all…

Interviewing the CEO of 99designs in Oakland


If you haven’t heard already, I started a new Podcast called Brand Hero. This past week my episode with the CEO of 99designs, Patrick Llewellyn, went live. To hear the whole podcast, click here and you’ll be redirected to iTunes. About the Pod A platform which started from design contests among freelancers, 99Designs is now…

2018 SWAG Guide (Part 3: Pro Sports Memorabilia > High End Collectible Gifts)


I often say that the SWAG Show that kicks of the new year is like a box of chocolates… well, I mean Forrest Gump said it best… “you never know what you’re gonna get”. Seriously tho, this SWAG Show has over 20,000 people in attendance with over 1,000 different factories on the show floor. THAT’S…

2018 SWAG Guide (Part 2: How OrigAudio is changing the SWAG industry)


2018 SWAG Guide (Part 2: How OrigAudio is changing the SWAG industry) I met the guys at OrigAudio back in 2011 in sunny San Diego at one of the regional SWAG Shows. This is before I was SwagSam – back then I was Sam the Sandal Man. I guess I’ve always had a bit of…

Highlight Episode

#13: Social Media Examiner with Emily Crume


Check out Social Media Marketing World 2019 – I’ll be there! Here’s the highlights about our media platform/reach: Social Media Examiner started in 2009 and has led the way in producing high-quality, how-to use social media for your business editorial Our 7th annual conference Social Media Marketing World returns to San Diego, March 20-22, 2019 Visit to get the best…

#12: The Power of Influencer Marketing w/ Strideline’s Jake Director!


Starting off with a pair of crew socks with the Seattle city skyline, Jake Director created a brand with his best friend to create a line of premium quality socks. Now with multiple licenses like the NFL and the MLB, Director is changing the sock game, one pair at a time. Strideline’s success was initially…


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