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Fantasy Football BOLD PREDICTIONS (Week 2)


The guys at WhatUp Silicon Valley are (fantasy) football addicts. In fact we’ve been known to credit the birth of the WhatUp Silicon Valley Podcast Network to fantasy football. The concept of our initial podcast (now known as the “Sam & Serg Show“) came about after the 2016 NFL season had finished. Sam, a daily…

Swag Starter Kit for Podcasters


It’s important to look the part; and oftentimes our branding – especially when it comes to printed goods like Swag is just an afterthought. Think of it this way tho… How much time did you spend creating your logo? What about the dollar spend? How many people did you ask for feedback on the name…

Swag is Everywhere – How To Get Your Brand Out There


In this series of how to use Swag (promotional products) to inspire action with your clients we have covered all the basics. Everything from planning with the end in mind, budgeting, packaging and of course… getting samples. What we haven’t really talked about is the products themselves… Swag is literally everywhere. Wherever you are right…

Why Is Sampling Beneficial For Your Next Swag Order?


Quality is very crucial when it comes to creating your branded Swag. One of the most overlooked part of ordering Swag is requesting samples. I intentionally use the word ordering vs. creating because there is a completely different mindset. Let’s examine this before we continue. ORDERING Ordering is very transactional based. This is something we…

Highlight Episode

#35: Jeff Ratcliffe from Pro Football Focus! (Special Fantasy Football Episode)


Jeff Ratcliffe is one of the most well-known and respected names in the fantasy football industry, Jeff Ratcliffe got his start in football back in 2010 when he started writing for Pro Football Focus. He sharpened his skills and became part of the team at NBC/Rotoworld, where he wrote news blurbs and contributed articles, rankings, and…

#34: LinkedIn Ads – reach your target demo w/ AJ Wilcox


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